Tuesday, December 4, 2012

A Peek at November

Not only do I not remember much about November,
but we didn't take many pictures either.

So what I remember?

Watching Papa bring down dead trees and roasting marshmallows over the burn pile.  We also roasted hot dogs!

Getting makeshift steps for our backdoor.

Listening to Story read his lesson.

Taking advantage of Song spending a Week at Grandma's house
to recover from an asthma attack.
She played on Song's desk all week.

Practicing the alphabet.

Salvation Pumpkins
I fixed the pictures.

Scholar helps Sunshine get her second layer PJ on for the night.

Scholar sorted the batteries - checking each one to find those that still held a charge.

We have saved a ton of money by checking our batteries when we pull them out of a "battery hog" toy.
Usually, only ONE of the batteries is fully dead.

We then reuse the "used" batteries in low use toys -
usually flash lights or other items that take only one battery.

Or we find enough similar leveled to put into a mid range toy that needs 2 or 3 batteries.

Sunshine eating lunch,
at Aunt V's table.

Scholar working on his states study.

Playing a computer game together.

Hiding in the wisteria on the fence.
A bunch of them climbed way up into the top of the fence
on Thanksgiving. 

The adults and littles ate at my sister's house.

The middles ate at my house with the bigs supervising.
They felt SO Grown Up!

We did crafts and coloring contests after we ate.

The next day,
we went to Grandma's house for the rest of Thanksgiving.
Scholar has the "toy" Vtech Touch Tablet
(it use to be Story's)
and I was highly amused to see the two of them with matching
expressions working on their computers.

Grandpa had Scholar sweeping the roof.
He enjoyed it very much!

The two littles played in one room.

The middles played in another room.

And I never got a picture of the bigs or the adults.

The NEXT day
we attended a birthday party for Pony and Cat.
They are almost exactly 5 years apart,
and always do their party together.

We stayed for supper
and had a grand time.

And then suddenly ...
it was December.

How did that happen?

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