Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Alphabet Advent: W is for Wonderful

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W is for Wonderful
and Wise Men

Most of what we believe about the wisemen ...
is wrong  ....   as people tend to listen to songs
and traditional stories rather than really 
about what the Bible says.

It is likely that they were from Persia -
the wise men descended from the groups 
set up by the Persian Empire and based on writings of 
Daniel that are not in our Bible.

It is most likely that there was a very large group ...
not just 3 men on camels.
But also
 armed guards - to protect and hunt, 
and servants to cook and clean, pack and unpack,
and care for the animals.
stock photo : Wisemen Caspar Melchior and Balthasar following the star of Bethlehem
At the least,
the group probably was well over 30,
and closer to 50 - 100 people.
Herod was surely intimidated
and afraid of this group.

Bethlehem is a mere 4 miles from Jerusalem,
it would have taken the group less than an hour to reach 
the child, Jesus, after leaving the city gates.

They had to have seen Jesus AFTER he was 8 days old.
Because that is when Joseph and Mary took him to the temple,
and Anna and Simeon prayed over him,
he was circumcised,
and Mary offered her purification offering
for the birth of a firstborn male - 2 turtle doves or pigeons.
The poorest of the offerings
Herod likely waited less than 24 hours or no more than a week, 
before sending his soldiers 
down to nearby Bethlehem and slaughtering the babies...
he chose 2 years "according to the time he had inquired of the wise men".

While it is unlikely that they had traveled for 2 years,
it is likely that they had spent 6 - 9 months preparing for the trip,
and that the trip took 6 months or more,
since large groups do not often travel very fast.

What we do know?
The Bible says...
Jesus was in a house and a child.

He was older than 8 days old,
and younger than 2 years.

There is a wide difference in the sizes of babies,
and it is likely that babies older than 2 and many girls
were also killed.
I doubt the soldiers stopped and inquired of each mother.

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