Monday, December 10, 2012

Alphabet Advent: H is for Herod

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H is for Herod
and Hallelujah
and Heaven
and Heart
and Harp

The wise men came to Jerusalem,
where the Palace of land stood and the King Herod lived.
They believed that if a great King had been born in Israel,
then he would be found in the palace.

But they were instead instructed to look to a small town,
not very far away from Jerusalem,
where Mary and Joseph had set up a home,
in Bethlehem.

Herod had a wicked and selfish heart.
When the wise men failed to return, 
he had all of the boy babies in Bethlehem
killed that were under 2.

On the night of Jesus birth,
the Angels appeared in the heavens
and sang "Hallelujah, Glory to God in the Highest!"
I wonder if these angels had harps?

File:Double harp.JPG



or listen to...

Herod's Song

Old King Herod

Hallelujah Chorus

O Holy Night

Christmas in Our Hearts

Simple Crafts

kids christmas craft harp

Craft Picture


paste a baby Jesus in the heart,
and hang on your tree or wall.
Explain that Gold is for Heaven and one of the gifts from the wise men.

Candy Cane Heart Craft
Remind of the story of the candy cane
and show how they make a heart.
There are many ideas on this page.

stock photo : Fragment of an ancient geometrical colorful floor mosaic in Herod`s Palace, Caesarea, Israel  stock photo : Fragment of an ancient geometrical colorful floor mosaic in Herod`s Palace, Caesarea, Israel
Click on images for larger picture
These are floors in Herod's palace.
Have children draw or use small squares 
to imitate the designs of the mosaics.

Coloring Pages

musical instruments coloring book pages

Harp color page

Harp coloring page


Mansions In Heaven and Streets of Gold Coloring Page

Pin King Herod Colouring Pages Page 2 On Pinterest

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