Friday, September 21, 2012

Scholar Photographs the Alphabet

Right.  Okay Then ...
Then inspiration hit,
Scholar's assignment...
Find every letter of the alphabet somewhere in this house,
or Papa's house,
or outside.
He used his tiny MP3 player camera.
He needed some help finding letters like I and O and a few others.
And we had to redo a LOT of pictures,
as he walked away, mid snap.
But it was a good assignment for camera skills,
learning to stand still,
and finding all of the letters of the alphabet.
And it was fun!
Scholar's Photo Alphabet
Everyday Things


  1. OMW, this is so cool. I actually read this post twice before I realised there were 26 pictures A-Z

    Very very nice

  2. This is awesome! I'll admit, I had to look at Q twice before seeing quitters. LOL!

  3. LOL love the learning and the photography going on!


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