Sunday, December 2, 2012

November Goals Results

My primary goal this month is to get our days into a rhythm and schedule. - Not even CLOSE to a rhythm to our days.  I'm setting this goal aside for January.

Overall - I really don't feel like I had a month at all.  Not much of my "to do" list happened.   However, many things not on my list replaced those items, and since they were important to others, or involved sick kids, they took priority.

Blogging -
1.  Kiddos With Kindles - Write at least 25 Daily Kindle posts (that allows me to forgive myself if I miss a few).  ....  WONDERING .... is this blog worth the time and effort that I am putting into it?  -  I've really cut back on the effort I've put into this blog, but I get just enough traffic and comments that I've not been able to bring myself to just quit.
2.  Eagle Nest - Write at least 25 Other Posts on Homeschooling, Crafts, and such.  -  I don't think I came even close here.  I realized yesterday, that I've not posted a single "Peek at our Week" this month, nor have I posted any History posts.  I hope to get back to writing in January - as December will be worse than November! 
3.  O 'Scarlett - Write at least 8 book reviews  -  Never got to write a single post.  
4.  Wings - my personal scrapbooking blog - Write at least 8 posts and 1 Family News Update.  - I think this one got done - Yeah!
5.  Try to skim Google Reader daily.  - Did this!  It's actually pretty easy to do while rocking a sick child.

Project Household Settled  -  We are actually far LESS settled than we were 5 weeks ago, as many boxes of items have entered the house but stuff isn't leaving as fast.
1.  Story gets her room and bathroom finished organized.
2.  Ref moved into a new office space.
3.  Work some more on Sunshine's room - Declutter
4.  Work more on Scholar's room - Declutter

1.  Find somebody to master mind getting family together.
2.  Survey who wants to get together and who wants to do something else this year.

3.  Don't stress.

Remove the useless built in sets of drawers in my bedroom, and turn into a functional living/storage space for the crafts and household extra items that we need and use regularly.

Overall, Sunshine has been more "Stormy" than "Sunny" this month.  And a crying and clingy 3 year old is a force to be reckoned with.  Story has been frantic with her self imposed deadline for her new book - distracted is more like it.   Song has been fighting a major chest cold that was made worse by her asthma and ended up spending a week at Grandma's house - away from cats.  Scholar is right on schedule!  Mostly.   Now if only he was putting the computer games and videos back into the RIGHT cases instead of just sliding them into ANY case at hand - at least the CD's are protected.

In search of the Fisher Price FP3 player disc - without it, I cannot reset the device, so it just makes a funny noise.

I've also been able to get all of the kids wish lists up on Amazon and sorted by what they want the most.   There isn't any money for us to buy any of it really - but we have a handful of relatives that will get them a few items off of the list - what a HUGE blessing to them!   Some of it is rather frivoulous - Sunshine doesn't REALLY need a cupcake necklace ... but much of what they are asking for is school or food related.  Story doesn't really need a sword either ... but she put it on her list!

The highlights of the month were two Thanksgiving meals, and a big birthday party.

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