Monday, July 23, 2012

How to Make Shoes (Sandles) of the Preparation of the Gospel of Peace

We made Sandles.
A couple of years ago,
I found this craft here.

And felt it would be a good easy craft to duplicate.

Since we had tried it before,
we already knew that we wanted to do
a few upgrades.

What you need:

Sharpie Marker
Cardboard - coregated works pretty good.
A thick nail or screw
Sharp Scissors or box cutter
2 pipe cleaners
Beads or yarn or ribbon
Duct Tape - any colors

1.  Trace around your child's foot.
Make the shoe slightly larger than the foot.

2.  Cut out the feet with a sharp pair of scissors
or box cutter.
Don't cut the floor!

3.  Mark where you want the hole for your toes,
and the sides of the foot straps to go.

4.  Use a screw or large nail,
to poke a large hole into the sandle
between the toes,
and smaller holes to each side.

5.  Bend a pipe cleaner at approx. 1/3 spot

Opt.  You can also use
thick yarn
shoe strings

6.  Poke through the toe hole,
and secure with a toothpick.

6 b. If you want to decorate with beads,
Do so at this point.

7.  Place the ends into the sandle,
and adjust to your child's foot.

8.  Secure the pipe cleaner with Duct Tape.

9.  To make ours look more like armor,
and hopefully allow the kids to wear them
more than the 4 or 5 hours our last attempt lasted,
we covered the entire shoe
with duct tape.

You could buy fancy tape,
and make a fairly fancy shoe.

And if the shoe is made with ribbon,
instead of a pipe cleaner,
it could last for several weeks.

We covered the bottom first.

And then the top.

They turned out really cool.
And the kids LOVED tying the yarn to decorate.

We chose black, red, white, green and yellow,
to match the Wordless book colors.


Best age range - 4 and up if using ties.
3 and up if using beads.

Time:  8 minutes if the shoes are pre-cut.
Per set of shoes.

We did have problems with some of the duct tape,
just not wanting to stick to the cardboard.

We had 4 workers, and did only 4 kids in 10 minutes.
So this one is time consuming IF you do the duct tape.
If you were to spray paint the shoes ahead of time,
you could skip the duct tape and go much faster.

The older kids seemed to enjoy the project the most,
but all of them wore their shoes out the door,
and carried their own shoes.

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