Thursday, December 6, 2012

Alphabet Advent: D is for Dreams

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D is for Dreams
and Donkey
and Doll

マリア像 25 cm 陶器 Mary Riding on Donkey on their way to Bethlehem

Every nativity scene I see has Mary riding a donkey,
all the way to Bethlehem,
and all the way to Egypt.

Perhaps she did.
It was a common way to travel in those days.

Joseph dreamed and God told him to take Mary as his wife.

He dreamed again, and was warned to flee Bethlehem into Egypt 
before Herod could kill the child Jesus.

Christmas Clipart

a donkey

Nativity with a donkey as dolls.

Books to Read


This may be a good day to watch
"Nester the Long Eared Donkey"

Songs to Sing

What is this Child? (from donkey's POV)

Simple Crafts

You could do this up in Christmas colors and stickers.
Maybe string candies to it - dreams of candy for Christmas,
from the Night Before Christmas.
My girls tied lots of candies to 6" rings and gave them for Christmas one year.

donkey toilet paper roll craft

Paper Doll Ballerinas {Easy Craft}


Coloring Pages

My Eastside Neighbors

Little girl is dreaming about Christmas presents

Christmas Toys Coloring Sheet -  Ms Claus making a Christmas Doll
Christmas Morning Coloring Sheet - Doll for a Girl   Christmas Party Coloring Sheet - Christmas Party Story Time
Dozens like this at this link...

Donkey Coloring Sheet  

nativity coloring page with ox and donkey

f_baseball1.gif (9261 bytes)      
Color and design your own paper dolls

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