All About Us

The Ref and I have been married for 27 years.

The Ref ... that's what he is doing right now to  make ends meet.  He started reffing just after our second daughter was born, and it has kept us from going hungry or without a home many times.  He's one of those that went to college and did not find a "good job" waiting for him when he got out.  Through tenacity, he finally landed a job working for a tiny company that lasted almost 15 years ... then a job with HUGE company ... only to be on the front wave of massive layoffs a few months after we moved.  We moved back to our hometown and have struggled financially ever since ... watching our nice "nest egg" for our next home and our retirement funds slowly disappearing.  In 2006, he left McDonald's for his "dream job".  In 2008, the job  "let him go" and he started the job hunt all over again.    The spring of 2011, he had a heart attack.  We've been struggling ever since.  ...  He stays busy reffing, preaching at our small church (on a rotation), and hosting a Sunday Night radio show.   Since 2012, he has worked as the People Manager for a local McDonalds.  Not his dream job, but most days he actually enjoys the variety and the pace.  He's an ENFP.

Listen to Sunday Nights  - Hosted by Tim - Sunday's at 9PM

Story - our oldest at 22 and a second ENFP in our family.  She loves to write books, and has been publishing novels and short stories ... via Amazon since she turned 16.     She loves writing and she loves knitting and beadwork.   We consider her a miracle baby ... as we tried for years before she arrived.  She is one of those that easily learns alone, and will stick with a topic or idea until she has mastered it or totally ignore what is of no interest.   Ironically, she managed to stay 3 Science classes short of graduation until this year.   She can now proudly say that she is a home school graduate.   On the flip side, she could probably pass several college exams in History and English.   But the girl dances to her own stories.
Currently, she works at McDonald's a few days a week.  She is exploring ways to get a Marketing Degree quickly without debt.  And she is setting up her own business to help indie authors and those offering serveses to meet each other - called GiraffeCrafts.   It's a spin off a family joke about "rough drafts" and her ability to blow through doors ... "Oh, there goes our "rough giraffe" since she collects giraffes.
Image of Kendra E. Ardnek     Kendra E. Ardnek Author Page

The Rough Giraffe - Radio Show - Friday Nights

Song - our second born is 20 and has an INFJ personality.   She is dyslexic  and struggles with school.  She loves music and saved up her own money to play the violin - and found a teacher.  She loves animals and use to pretty much take care of our tiny barnyard by herself.  We use to have goats, chickens, geese, ducks, rabbits, and a few other animals ... but she is down to one bunny.  She is also my gardener.
Over the past 3 years, our garden and animals have disappeared, victims of drought and flooding, and neighbor dogs and wildlife.  Song has had more than her fair share of tough times and losses and such.  She recently got to return to the horse therapy where she works, where they love and encourage her and are pleased with the young adult she is becoming.  I've been so thankful for their help raising her.    She is aspiring to work with special needs kids, perhaps in counseling or horse therapy.  She is also doing a lot of drawing and artwork, and currently producing a coloring book at a request, and does special orders for people.  She is pretty good at capturing dogs in a portrait.

Scholar is our only son, with an ENFJ personality.  He's a seventh grader - he has a knack for learning that is rare in a boy.  Sure, he's wiggly and loves to get dirty with his cousins next door ... but he also loves to read, tell stories, and learn new things every day.  He is sweet and loves people.  The ref jokes that he'll either be a preacher or a politician when he grows up.  His favorite colors are Red and Sunshine and Fire.  His favorite subjects are Bible, History, and Science.
He has recently started his own blog - private - which only a select few relatives and teachers can see.  He has also become quite handy on the computer, in the kitchen, and around the house.   He is a delightful boy with a heart of gold, who dotes on his baby sister.

Sunshine is our second grader, with an INTJ personality.  Our surprise ending and the sunshine in our life.  She dances to her own songs and is not afraid to voice her opinions.  She adores Scholar and has him quite wrapped around her 7-year-old finger.   Most days she loves school, and shows promise of being our best reader - time will tell.   She is our princess girl - preferring to dress up in frills, lace, and sparkles.

And then there is me ... the Eagle Momma.  I've been homeschooling since Story was a toddler  - I taught some older children from the school I had taught at for 3 1/3 years - and have changed the way I school very much over the last 22 years.   I'm a rare bird that loves to lesson plan.  I'm an INTJ - and quite shy, but homeschooling is one of my passions.

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