Thursday, December 20, 2012

Alphabet Advent: R is for Romans

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R is for Romans
and Redeemed
and Rejoice
and Reason
and Rainbow
and Reindeer

God gave the law to his people Israel.
His people became more obsessed with the letter of the law,
and how far they could go before God "got mad",
than they were determined to serve God out of love and devotion.

The result was wandering hearts,
and eventually exile as nation after nation 
conquered them.
Romans on the march
The Romans were just one of many
who forced themselves upon the land of 
God's people.

Yet God used them.

God used Caesars decree
to get Mary and Joseph into Bethlehem.

God used Herod (chosen to rule by the Romans)
to send them into Egypt.
Roman Empire
And God used the Romans to crucify his Son,
and spread the gospel across the world.

God uses circumstances to draw us closer to him,
whether to farther his message through us,
or to bring us to salvation and repentance.

God gives a promise and a sign,
from the rainbow that signaled God's salvation from death by a flood,
to the cross that signaled God's salvation from death in Hell.

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