Monday, December 3, 2012

Alphabet Advent: A is for Angel

If all works out .... I'll have 26 entries by New Years.

I've always wanted to do Advent - and have a theme or something.

So this year,
I was inspired to do an alphabet.

I looked up some for ideas...

And then sat down with Story and we brainstormed.
We'll have to do more - but we are starting with 


An Angel visited Mary to tell her that God had chosen her.

An angel appeared to Joseph in a dream -
first to tell him to take Mary as a wife,
and later to warn him to escape Herod.

Rembrandt Etching Signed, The Angel Appearing to the Shepherds, 1634
Angels came to invite shepherds to Jesus' birth.

Read a Story

I found several Kindle books about Angels to read,
two of which I have picked up for free - 
all of these are under $5.

Songs to Sing

Hark the Herald Angels Sing

Angels We Have Heard on High

Littlest Angel

Simple Craft
Coffee Filter Angel Craft
Paper plate angel craft
I couldn't share this image - but it uses the letter A for the skirt.
Very clever!


Make an Advent Calendar

Color Pages
free printable coloring image Mary Gabriel
Angel Coloring Page
Angel Stencil

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