Thursday, December 13, 2012

Alphabet Advent: K is for King

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K is for King
and Kingdom
and Kindness

There are several "king" elements
to the story of Jesus' birth.

There are the "kings" from the East
Christmas Magi

There was King Herod
who ordered the killing of the babies.

But the most important king ..

Was the birth of THE KING
the Son of God

A manger with hay, labeled King Size Bed

For "I" .... I asked if you had room for Jesus
in your celebration of Christmas.

Now I ask...

What will you bring the KING for his birthday?

Jesus said, 
"Whatsoever ye do, to the least of these,
my brethren,
you have done it unto me."

what will you give or do,
to help the "least of these" -
the poor, 
the sick,
the hurting,
the orphans,
the prisoners,
the elderly,
the widows,
and all those who need the love of God.

Books to Read


Songs to Sing

We Three Kings

Handel's Messiah
For Unto Us A Child Is Born

King of Kings Speech

King of Kings

Be Ye Kind

Three Kind Mice

Short Movie

Simple Crafts

King Crown Craft thumbnail

straw crown rainbow craft preschool boy girl free instructions

perhaps you could make mangers - and write an act of kindness inside
as ideas for gifts for Jesus

Coloring Pages

3D stand-up craft of Wisemen bringing gifts to Jesus

Reproducible Nativity coloring book picture of three kings from the east who see the star of baby Jesus!


kindness, help sick

King color page

king Colouring Pages

Jesus is the Best King Coloring Page

jesus born coloring page

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