Sunday, April 21, 2013

D is for Dove

D is for Dove

We looked at several stories about Doves,
and other significant factors in the Bible.

1.  God Created the Dove

2.  It was one of the clean animals that Noah took 7 of into the ark.

3.  We reviewed the story of Noah,
and the part the Dove played in the story.

4.  We talked about how God allowed a dove to substitute for a lamb
for a sacrifice if the people were too poor to bring a lamb.

5.  Mary brought Doves when she brought Baby Jesus to the temple.

6.  We reviewed the story of Jesus' baptism,
especially the part where the Holy Spirit descended as a dove.

7.  Briefly mentioned that the Dove is often a symbol of peace.


We used their hands to form the wings.
And I haphazardly drew a bird head,
and was impressed with the results.
(I can't draw).

Sunshine's Dove was unique.

A couple of the bigger girls were quite elaborate with their decorations.

I encouraged them to draw the stories and pictures from our discussions,
onto the D part of their Doves.

This is suppose to be John and Jesus at the baptism.

The kids erased most of the blackboard before I remembered to take a picture.

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Monday, April 15, 2013

Sewing for Orphans - Feb 18

This is from 2012,
we did this again this year.

One Saturday afternoon,
the ladies of our church got together and
sewed lots of little dresses and shorts
for orphans in Africa,  in CAR.


I've long forgotten which ones Song and Cat did.

Story sewed finishing touches and pockets.
She doesn't care for sewing machines.

Aunt C
came to help us out.

We set up a table with all the pieces already cut out.
I helped match pockets onto dresses.


By the end of the day,
we had over 20 items to send.

Our church has tons of talent!
It was so much fun to hang out together and do something like this.

Recently there has been a LOT of political upheaval
in this country.
While most of it has been "peaceful",
it has not been without it's problems.

Please keep the people there in your prayers.

On another note ....

Song's art work.
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Sunday, April 14, 2013

C is for Creation


C is for Creation

We used Green for the idea of God creating a Green world,
full of plants.

As I was sick this day,
I put everything together and sent off
Story and  Song
to teach the class.

I'm pretty sure that they said something along the lines of ...

God had a big idea,
He decided to create man.
He knew that man would need a lot of special things to live.

First God spoke and there was light,
and he separated the day and night into ONE DAY.
And God said that Day was very good.

On the second day,
God spoke again and created water.
Some of the water went into a special covering of clouds around the earth,
and some of it went into a wet covering right on top of the earth.
And God said that what he created that Day was Very Good.

But God knew that man could not swim forever in the water,
because that was not part of God's plan.
So on the morning of the 3rd day,
God scooped up the land on top of itself so that some land
was under the water, and some land was higher than the water.
Then he spoke and green plants began to grow -
grasses, flowers, trees, bushes ...
everything that you have ever seen for food or beauty grew on that day.
And that was a day and a night on that day,
And God said that what he created that Day was Very Good.

God knew that the plants would need special food to grow,
and God knew that man would need to see during the dark hours,
so God spoke and the sun, moon, and stars appeared in the sky.
The sun, moon, and stars would help man tell time and plan his seasons.

And that was a day and a night on that day,
And God said that what he created that Day was Very Good.

On the Fifth day,
God had something very special planned.
The whole world was silent,
only the sound of the waves from the changing tides was heard as the sun rose in the morning.
God spoke and life appeared the seas,
all manner of fish and sea creatures,
lobsters and shrimp, octopus and sharks, big fish and little fish.
God spoke and life appeared in the air and in the trees.
A male and female of every species of bird and flying creature.
God smiled thinking of how much man would enjoy
listening the songs of the birds
and watching the splash of the fish.

And that was a day and a night on that day,
And God said that what he created that Day was Very Good.

God reached the sixth day.
I'll bet he was pretty excited,
because today he would finish creating his world.

During the morning,
he spoke all of the land creatures into existence,
creatures as large as elephants and giraffes,
and as small as a tiny bacteria.
Then God reached down and scooped up some mud,
he carefully formed a man from the mud
and then he breathed his own life into the man.
He called the man Adam and placed him inside a beautiful garden.

God gave Adam work to do.
God told Adam that his first job was to name all of the animals.
Then he was told that his job was to take care of the plants and animals and
the whole world that God had created.
Adam only had ONE RULE ... only ONE.
Don't eat of the tree in the middle of the Garden.

Don't you think that would be easy to obey?

But Adam didn't find anyone special to be with him among the animals,
so God put Adam asleep,
and took out his rib and made a GORGEOUS GIRL.
I'm pretty sure Adam thought she was the most wonderful girl that he had ever seen!
And God had made her especially for HIM.

Then God gave the world another instruction ....
Go have lots of babies and fill up the earth.

And that was a day and a night on that day,
And God said that what he created that Day was Very Good.

On the seventh day,
God sat around and enjoyed the wonderful world that He had made.

And that was a day and a night on that day,
And God said that everything that he had created was Very Good.


Here are some other resources that I found that you may be interested in using.
The bottom two feature numbers similar to the ones that I used,
which I cannot find the link for currently.

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Saturday, April 13, 2013

Photo Fun: Brown

Story's Hair ...  I think it's gorgeous.
She has more hair than all of the rest of us combined,
though I suspect that if the Ref and Scholar were to grow their hair this long,
they might give her some competition.

Our church sewed dresses for orphans in the CAR.

One of Song's bunnies.

My Dad cutting trees from around our house.
After the drought two years ago,
this was necessary -
before the trees died any more and dropped damaging limbs onto our trailers.

Not all of the trees were dead or dying.
It was sad to fell a few healthy ones to have room to bring down the dying ones. 

We have "tons" of cedar on our property.
This one was huge and healthy.
We've saved all of the wood to build something out of it later.

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