Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Alphabet Advent: Q is for Quiet

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Q is for Quiet

I struggled to find a word for Q.
Quiet seemed to be the only word that fit.
Silent Night, Rocky Mountain National Park. Photo copyright Jim Doty Jr.
The quiet moments when Mary realized the enormous
privilege and responsibility
that she had just said "yes" to.

The quiet moments when Joseph brought
home a bride to protect
but not touch.

The quiet of the long journey
when time seemed to drag on forever.

The quiet of the night,
after the baby had been born,
and rested in his mother's arms.

The quiet awe of the shepherds
when they worshiped the baby.
The quiet after the commotion of visitors,
as Mary pondered them all in her heart.

The quiet of the heart that is focused on Jesus,
and his free gift of salvation.

and Q is for Questions
Click through for some fun,
and practical
questions about Christmas.

Books to Read


Songs to Sing

Silent Night

Anyone have other suggestions??

Things to Do

Quilt Making

Christmas Quilt Card.jpg

Preschool making paper quilts

Our Crafts ~N~ Things

Why not take the quarters you use
to one of the Salvation Army buckets?
or another place to bless others.

Pages to Color

beginning letter sounds worksheet

Click to view full size image

Click to view full size image

Q is for quilt

Quilt Patterns coloring page

Quilt: Stars and Stripes


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