Friday, June 29, 2012

Crunchy Leaf Pictures

The other day I saw a great idea on one of the blogs that I follow. Crunchy Leaf Pictures
We had to try it out!
So we took a walk on the wild side - DOWN INTO THE WOODS.
It was just me and the 3 preschoolers and their bags for the leaves. We traipsed down across the yard and down to where I KNEW there were tons of leaves. I was a little worried about snakes under all of those leaves. We do live out in the country.
Then we pretended to get lost in the woods. At least I knew where we were - it's only 6 acres. But for kids who were walking through grass and brambles nearly as big as they were... WOW.
They couldn't wait to tell about their big adventure - oh, and they did remember to pick up the leaves - but we just barely had enough!
We opted to do it outside.
I figured they could crunch the leaves inside the bags - there was still some coughing, sneezing, and eye rubbing.
Story came out to help, and brought old computer paper and glue.
I put patterns and shapes that we have been learning onto the paper.
At first we tried scooping out the leaves onto the paper - but that didn't work.
Then we noticed that stuff was falling out of the hole in Joel's bag. And putting holes into the other 2 bags was just the ticket. It was sort of like cake decorating.
They had a blast, and were very ready for their naps after that.

We also tried glueing whole leaves into paper plates at Cubbies on Sunday.
The kids drew a picture in the center,
and the leaves were glued around the edges.
I turned out really good!

This post was originally posted back in Nov. 2008.
It is amazing to me just how much Scholar has grown up.

I continued to use this idea over and over.
During the spring and summer,
we pasted sand, tore up green leaves,
or pulled tiny leaves off plants,
flower petals,
and even bark one day.

And of course, with over 4 acres of woods,
we had plenty of brown leaves to scoop
and crush all year long!
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  1. These turned out great. Looks like the kids had fun crunching! Thanks for the link.

  2. What a fun idea! Great idea to incorporate nature into their work. I want to share this with my sister who has 4 little ones.


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