Tuesday, July 10, 2012

How to Make a Belt of Truth - Ephesians 6:13 - 18

We made a "Belt Of Truth"
for Jr. Church.

Items We Used:

1.  Brown Yarn  

2.  Duct Tape  

3.  Sharp Scissors   

4.  Brown Felt (Fun Foam or Construction Paper works too)  

5.  Stiff paper (Manila folder)      

6.  Sharpie Marker  

7.  Decorations (Gold)          

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Step 1.  Cut off a strip of Stiff paper.
It should be narrower than the duct tape.

Step 2.  Cut the felt in half.

Step 3.  Cut a piece of duct tape, just a little longer than
the piece of stiff paper.

Step 4.  Place the felt onto the sticky side of a strip of  duct tape.

Step 5.  Place the stiff paper over the felt and duct tape.

Step 6.  Fold the duct tape over the top of the stiff paper.

Step 7.  Place a second strip of duct tape over the stiff paper, felt, duct tape
cut to the same length as your first piece.

Step 8.  Push the pieces firmly together.

Step 9.  Fold the top of the second piece of duct tape
over the top of the other piece.

Fold any pieces up to the "back" of the belt.

It should look like this.

Step 10.  Cut strips up nearly to the duct tape.
To make it look like leather strips.
At Jr. Church, I drew chalk lines for the little ones to follow
while they cut.


Step 11.  Punch/ Cut little holes for the string.

Step 12.  Cut two long pieces of string.
Enough to thread through the holes,
and tie a nice bow in back.

We actually cut ours a little too long.

Ribbon or wire or leather strips
could work as well.


Step 13.  Use a Sharpie Marker to
onto the belt.

It has taken Sunshine 3 or 4 days to get part of it to rub off.
Water markers don't stay at all.

Step 14.  Decorate

We used Glitter glue.
But it peeled off once it dried.

Stickers would be good as well.
or buttons

and one student used dark markers
to color the felt.

It looked fantastic!

It looked really cute on Scholar.
And even cuter on the little ones!

After 2 weeks of play - these are still holding up.
After 6 years - still in the dress up box!

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  1. I knew if I looked long enuf I would find a belt of truth craft that is sooooo doable and sturdy enough! thank you for posting!

  2. I love this one...easy list of supplies and very durable! Thanks for sharing! :)


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