Sunday, November 18, 2012

Salvation Pumpkin Prayer

One of the ladies in my church gave me a catalog

and if you type in "pumpkin" in the search
you will find products that borrowed from for the idea below.

Alas .... I failed to get the book back to her in time for her to order the bookmarks.

But I loved this idea as a followup to our discussions about Salvation.

I sketched out some mobile type ideas.

Typed the poem into Word.

My Dad had a set of pumpkin cookie cutters.

So I had Song cut out pumpkins in the Wordless Book Colors.

The kids recognized the colors immediately -
and made the connection within a few minutes.

Pinky helped Sunshine with hers a little.
The kids loved gluing them all together.

My first idea was to use string and punch holes,
but only 1 of my 5 could tie a knot,
and after some playing around with the pieces,
we landed on this configuration.

I had brought several of my glitter glues -
which after 5 or 6 years of usage,
are starting to get goopy.
the kids LOVE when I bring them.

We glittered the pumpkin openings,
and decorated the black hanger.

Then we left them up on the bulletin board to dry.

We are working Thanksgiving and Christmas into the next few weeks,

so this week's theme


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