Monday, July 16, 2012

Craft: Make a Breastplate of Righteousness - Ephesians 6: 13 - 18

The second part of the the Armor of God
is the
Breastplate of Righteousness.

Most of my kids are really young.
My target range is 3 - 5,
but I know I have several 2 year olds,
and a few 6 - 8 year olds.

So after talking about armor
and putting on armor
and what the purpose of a breastplate is.

We defined righteousness simply
as "doing the right thing even when it is hard to do".

We also talked about the difference
between our righteousness and
God's righteousness.

Then we dove right into that craft.

It took longer than we expected ...
and the sermon was shorter.

Our local Kroger was AMAZING.
The Ref stopped to ask them for some sacks,
and they gave him a huge stack.

We'll have plenty to do another craft later.

Items Needed:

Duct Tape    


Paper Bag    

Anything to use for decorating.                         

1.  Cut up the middle of the "back" of the sack.

2.  Cut a hole in the bottom for the neck hole.

3.  Cut an arm hole in each side.

(My assistant - Story)

4.  Reinforce and decorate with Duct Tape.

(We noticed that our 12-year-old roll of duct tape
was much heavier, thicker, and stickier than our new roll.
We were rather surprised.)

5.  Keep using the duct tape until you have a pattern that you like.


6.  Decorate the remainder of the bag
any way desired.

Some modifications.

1.  Use velcro,
or 2 brads and a paperclip to hold the armor closed in the back.


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2.  If prepping for a large group,
cut out the arms and do the strips of duct tape
ahead of time.

3.  Markers make brighter patterns
than crayons.

4.  Cut the arm holes a little
larger than you think you want them.

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