Saturday, December 15, 2012

Looking Back at 2012

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I am a Maximum Scheduler.  I love lists and schedules and predictability.   I thrive on order and knowing what I plan to do next.  I love organization - everything in it's place and everything has a place.  I don't like waste or messes or surprises (much).

When I started out a year ago ... I don't even remember what the "Plan" was ... we've deviated so far from it!  I think my "Word for the Year" was something like "Schedule"  and our theme was "Do the Next Thing".

And boy did I fail - not just a little - but total collapse of all schedule, huge messes, complete disorder, and nobody did what was next when it was assigned.   We were surprised by the twists and turns of life almost daily - nothing horrible or anything - though I have had years like that ... just life and favors and such.

I had planned to get my house all in order.
I had planned to get my Dad's house all in order - so missionaries could visit and have a place overnight.
I had planned to be caught up with all of our school work by May and start our new school year in August.
I had planned to have Scholar learn about every single state and find friends to send him a post card or leaf or something from home states.
I had planned to loose weight - a LOT of weight.
I had planned to start a blog.
I had planned to do a craft with the kids every week.
I had planned to send Christmas in July cards!
.......................... have a nice garden, planted on time, and produce enough to can or freeze.
.......................... walk 2 - 3 miles every day.
.........................  paint Bible verses on the walls of my house.
......................... repaint my bathroom ... or finish painting.
..........................  get tiles down in our bathroom, instead of plywood.
.........................  declutter our home so we mostly fit into ONE house, instead of spilling over into my dad's house so much.
...........................  make Christmas presents all summer.
..........................  copy cassettes and records all year.

.......................  I had a LOT of plans.

And God has HIS plans.

The ref is unemployed, and my dad has always been here to help keep bills paid.  But since my dad moved out, was laid off, and remarried, we were going to be paying for two houses.  (No rent or house payments - just everything else).

God must have known we were going to need help - and God has a sense of humor as well as interesting solutions.

Right after Thanksgiving, my best friends husband asked if they could stay with us until they could get their trailer moved to their new property and set back up .... it would just be a few weeks - 3 or 4 tops.  Cool, right?  Don't we all want our best friend living next door?

And then the rain started ... and the moving date was delayed and delayed again.  Once the house was finally moved, the rain began again .... so nothing could be moved into the house, nor could they do any farther work ... the mud was too deep.   Something was always causing a delay - and the weeks ticked by ... 9 kids, 4 adults, learning to get along and finding a rhythm to our days.    They helped out a lot - with groceries and utilities - I really don't think we would have made it otherwise.  But they were living "motel room" style - and since it was sudden and short term - we didn't clean out and prepare properly.  Both houses were in "temporary mess" status for months.

Because the time of their departure was in limbo - we did the best we could to keep busy at tasks that we could find.  We sorted the VHS tapes, culling duplicates and things that nobody was watching, cleaned and organized several areas of the house, and mostly, we schooled the kids.  We cooked and cleaned and for the most part - we did great together.

Once they left, we started back on "the plans" - I even managed to start not one, but TWO new blogs, and co-host a third.   I needed those blogs - to keep my sanity.

One day, my dad told me that his sister was moving down - and plans changed - big time.  This wasn't a bad thing ... just required a change in plans, lots of changes.  I was tired of changes and tired of not having a plan or a schedule.  But I did the best I could.

So when she arrived and I stopped with the moving in plans ... my brain completely shut down (that was November).    Until a few days ago.

And now I wonder ... what happened to 2012?

But it happened.  The kids are all a year older.  School moves along.  We were not able to buy books - but have found enough online or already purchased to keep us very busy and learning for now - my mom must have bought over 100 workbooks!

So that is our year .... times of frantic business between times of not knowing what to do next but still under high stress.  I really can't complain - it wasn't a bad year - there were many blessings, we were all fairly healthy - no heart attacks or car accidents this year, the AC didn't quit during the hottest part of the year, there were no fires raging out of control, and no drought.   Overall, it was a calm year - just not what I had planned.

I wonder if I even Dare to tell God what my plans are for the next year?

Setting Goals is good for you ... right?

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