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Featured Author : John Buchan

An atheist is a man who has no invisible means of support.
John Buchan

This is not an author that I was familiar with until I saw the above blog post. But he looked interesting enough to be a featured author.   There are not many free books .... but more may follow over the next few years.

Gutenberg books offer multiple formats for ebook readers as well as a few audio books.   ALL Gutenberg books are FREE

Unless a price is beside the book - the Amazon books are free.


  • No-Man's Land (1899)

  • Grey Weather (1899)



  • A Lodge in the Wilderness (1906)

  • The Moon Endureth (1912)

  • The Path of the King (1921)



  • The Blanket of the Dark (1931)

   $4.99    $5.82  

  • The Free Fishers (1934)



  • The Long Traverse (US title: Lake of Gold) (1941)

   $8.66  -  Set of 4 novels.

Introduced by Christopher Harvie.Sir Edward Leithen, lawyer, politician, sportsman and occasional philosopher, was probably the most autobiographical of John Buchan’s heroes. This collection of four novels, written over a span of thirty years, shows Leithen/Buchan in all his moods – from the urban menace of The Power House in which ‘the thin line between civilisation and barbarism’ runs through London’s West End; to the Highland exhilaration of John Macnab; the twists and turns of The Dancing Floor; and Sick Heart River, where Leithen meets death and redemption in the wastes of Canada.Buchan’s learning and practical experience took him far beyond the range of the ‘clubland hero’ and these tales lead us to the heart of one of Scotland’s most fascinating and enigmatic writers.‘John Buchan was the first to realise the enormous dramatic value of adventure in familiar surroundings happening to unadventurous men.’ Graham Greene



  • Scholar-Gipsies (1896)
  • The African Colony (1903)
  • Andrew Jameson, Lord Ardwall (1913)
  • Nelson's History Of The War. 24 volumes (1914–1919)
  • Britain's War by Land (1915)
  • The Achievement of France (1915)
  • Ordeal by Marriage (1915)
  • The Future of the War (1916)
  • The Battle of the Somme, First Phase (1916)
  • The Purpose of War (1916)
  • The Battle of Jutland (1916)
  • Poems, Scots and English (1917)
  • The Battle of the Somme, Second Phase (1917)
  • These for Remembrance  (1919)
  • The Battle Honours of Scotland 1914–1918 (1919)
  • The History of the South African Forces in France (1920)
  • Francis and Riversdale Grenfell (1920)
  • The Long Road to Victory (1920)
  • A History of the Great War  (1922)
  • A Book of Escapes and Hurried Journeys (1922)
  • The Last Secrets (1923)
  • A History of English Literature (1923)
  • Days to Remember (1923)
  • Some Notes on Sir Walter Scott (1924)
  • Lord Minto, a Memoir (1924)
  • The History of the Royal Scots Fusiliers 1678–1918 (1925)
  • The Man and the Book: Sir Walter Scott (1925)
  • Two Ordeals of Democracy (1925)
  • Homilies and Recreations  (1926)
  • The Kirk in Scotland (with George Adam Smith) (1930)
  • Montrose and Leadership (1930)
  • Lord Rosebery, 1847–1929 (1930)
  • The Novel and the Fairy Tale  (1931)
  • Julius Caesar (1932)
  • Andrew Lang and the Borders (1932)
  • The Massacre of Glencoe (1933)
  • The Margins of Life (1933)
  • Gordon at Khartoum (1934)
  • Oliver Cromwell (1934)
  • The King's Grace (1935)
  • Augustus (1937)
  • The Interpreter's House (1938)
  • Presbyterianism Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow (1938)
  • Memory Hold-the-Door  (US title: Pilgrim's Way) (1940)
  • Comments and Characters  (1940)
  • Canadian Occasions  (1940)

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  1. I am ordering some of John Buchan from the library. THere are 232 choices! I was shocked. Which is your favorite as I can 't order them all! Thanks.

  2. I haven't read any of his works yet - just discovered him and featured him since he came highly recommended.

    I would either start with the 39 Steps and maybe watch a movie or two based on the book .... or read them in the order that he wrote them. I noticed that there are at least 2 series, but I'm not sure which books go together.


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