Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Peek at Our Week Aug. 4 - 11

I spent a great deal of our week sorting 

and taking pictures of items to sell 
on a Virtual Garage Sale on Facebook
with my  sister.

We actually sold a few things.

This is on top of the cleaning and sorting that I was already doing.

We had a FULL HOUSE that Saturday ...
5 adults
2 teens
10 kids under 10

It was Monday before we were able to really get the house picked
back up again.

Sunday we made....

Helmets of Salvation

The kids played with an unearthed box of tinker toys.
And Scissors and Sale Ads.

I never look at them,
But Sunshine has a delightful time cutting them all up.

This is Scholar's Thinking Hat...

I think.

I LOVE listening to the stories behind his pictures.

My sister stopped by to pick up a bunk bed.
And we snapped this picture.

Then we spent Tuesday taking MORE pictures to sell.

The task seems ENDLESS.

We were so busy taking pics of STUFF.

That I nearly forgot to take pics of the kids.

This is Thursday's snack.

Scholar is in creative mode,

Ever see the episode of Blue's Clues where Joe makes the clues?
We are getting ready to celebrate the 50th anniversary
of the Ref's parents.

We are going to take family pictures,
and here is a sneak peek of ONE of our outfits.

We'll be the RED family.
Song and Story spent the entire week
working on their rooms.

This is Song's room.

She says to tell you ... those are 6 inch squares on the floor.
This is a fairly tiny room, I think it's 9 x 13.
And that includes the closet area.
She moved the bed to the middle of the room.
Scholar can't wait to get his own room as well.
He's currently on the bottom bunk.

This gives her a crafting/ sewing area on one side of the room,
and dressing /reading area on the other.

If you remember this part of the room last week,
you can tell she's done a TON of work!

I keep reminding her that Scholar will be using that bathroom door soon.

With the sewing in Song's room,
we are almost ready for Sunshine's bed to arrive.

It was Scholar's bed from age 2 to just past 5.
We were never able to sell it,
so now it will be used again!

It will go right here in this corner.
I thought you might like to see our garden.

Keep in mind, we hand pull the weeds
no lawnmower
or bush hog available right now.

It would be worse,
but this is the area that gets hit the most often.

Tomatoes to the left,
herbs to the right.
Tomatoes and Banana Peppers
Can you see them now?
This is a wild rose bush.
These weeds are 8 ft tall.
I was in search of our potatoes.
Never found them.
I hope they grew enough to harvest.

So then I walked down to check the pond
(over to the left)
and the cucumbers.


You don't see a pond?

Trust me,
it is there!

what is left of it.
Oh yes,
the cucumbers.
that's NOT a cucumber.

But there sure are a LOT of these plants.
Some are well over 8 ft tall.
now I see the cucumbers.
And if  I ZOOM the camera...
We have what is left of the sunflowers.
But the beans are gone.
Oh yes,
we had a lot of these visitors this week.

It's a wasp.

They seem to like the shiny ceiling,
and the lights.
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