Saturday, July 21, 2012

Peek at Our Week - July 14 - 20 - Boxes and Babies

Saturday - Real or Fake?
What do you think?

Saturday:  Writing names on invitations with her
calligraphy pen and gold ink.

Sunday:  feet shod with the preparation of the gospel of peace

Monday:   Sunshine in a box.

Singing the "We just got a letter" song
from Blue's Clues.

Somebody's pen pall will get this

Starting an experiment ...
we used celery instead of a white carnation.
But if a white carnation or two shows up,
I'm sure he would love to repeat it.  LOL

Tuesday night - Sunshine was sick
Story helped clean up the mess
(since it was in her bed)
But by the time we gave Sunshine a bath,
got her to calm down,
and got everything cleaned up,
she was WIDE AWAKE
from 3am - 7:30am.
At that time,
I woke Song and let her have a turn.
When I returned at 10:30,
this is what I found.

Yeah, Sunshine is sound asleep on that chair.

Wednesday:  More Celery observations

Thursday:  Scholar and Sunshine put together a dino.

We restacked the big pile of stuff to get rid of.
Very little of what is in the boxes is what is on the boxes.

My sister's came over on Friday and we went through it again,
and boxed it better.

Sorting and purging my parents home,
for the arrival of an aunt,
is taking up a great deal of my time.

My days seem to be blogging,
and giggling with the kids.

Sunshine saw Story and Song cutting boxes,
and had to pull out scissors too.

The boxes will become ... Shields of Faith.

In cleaning, we found this FUN book mark magnifying glass.
It's for reading.
And making your eyes bug out like a Praying Mantis.

Friday - Sunshine talked Daddy into a 50c package of markers.

This week has been HOT - like over 100 every day hot.
I just took pictures of storm clouds, and hope and pray for a little rain for our garden.

We've been really buckling down to get boxes and drawers sorted and emptied, whenever possible.
It is hard going through things.
My mom has been gone for 3 years - but it has been hard to let things go.
But with my aunt coming to stay,
we've got to make room for her.
Her coming will be such a huge blessing to us,
especially in another Godly Woman to influence the children.

School has fallen to the wayside,
though I did finish the school plan books today ...
for my best friend.
Not for me.

Song wrote a poem.

It's been a busy hot week.
But a lot of fun as well.
Our Homeschool plans are still in flux.
We'll see if and how they develop over the next month.
I purchased each of the 3 older children, a small notebook.
We will be writing our "Daily Achievements" instead of
Daily Assignments.
And new mechanical pencils!
Can't for get the pencils.

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  1. I loved looking at all of your pictures! What a busy and fun week!


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