Sunday, July 1, 2012

A Peek at Our Week - June 23 - 29


We had a missionary from France
coming on Sunday for a short visit.

So I told the kids we had to get the house
in ship shop shape.
All hands on deck!

Sunshine and Scholar swabbed the decks
(and doors).

The also think loading the dryer is the most fun of all.
We usually toss everything for 10 - 15 minutes,
then hang it dry.

That keeps the clothes from drying so stiff and wrinkled.

Don't you love that look
on Sunshine's face when she sings?


She is singing,
"Sitting in my favorite chair,
rocking with my teddy bear..
Me and My teddy getting all ready,
getting all ready for bed.
Me and my teddy, getting all ready,
getting all ready for bed.

we got her dressed,
and she spent half of the day making
barns and houses.

With help.


This page of Scholar's floored me.
I asked him if he knew how many shapes were in each figure.

Hot weather.
But sure beats the 112 - 120
at this time last year.


We did a massive amount of cleaning and getting rid of things.
Sunshine turned our piles of storage drawers into a
kitchen and nursery.

And then we sang
Ring around the Babies
for a while.

Back to the blocks.

Not many pics for Scholar,
because he was downstairs with
his "new" computer.

It's an OLD Win XP,
that somebody gave him
to play our old games
when Song and Story
were little.


Scholar was surprised to see a purple cup.
We don't have one.
After studying this for several minutes,
he suddenly exclaimed,
"I surmise the there is a red cup
on top of the blue cup!"
And then he checked.

And Sunshine continued playing with the blocks.


I forgot I had ordered a Paper Back Swap book.
I got a package in the mail.

One of our tomato suppers.


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