Sunday, July 1, 2012

Stringing Counting Beads - Counting to 20

Our lesson that day involved a rather
and easy to loose
20 counter.

I wanted something that the kids could
slide up and down,
toss in their crayon boxes,
and do over again and again.

And something that Pony could handle.

We used a pipe cleaner,
each in their favorite color.

20 pony beads
I realized I should have used 5 beads of each color.

To show counting by 5's

Or 2 beads of each color,
to count by 2's.

But they all enjoyed the craft.
And used their counting beads
for many months.

While we were stringing them,
we would count each bead.

And then laugh!

We also used these to add and subtract,
because the beads easily slid up and down
the wire.

In all,
it got 2 thumbs up from all of the kids.

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