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History Through Literature: Middle Ages (Grades 4 - 6) Overview and Specific Events

History Through Literature - Middle Ages

*** many books from this section are hard to find ... so I looked for books we had found at our Public Library or at the suggested reading level from Amazon.  Many of these were not in print when my All Through The Ages book was printed.
Books are marked if they were found in the ATA book.

*** many of these books are ones that we have borrowed from our public library.

Grade 4 - 6:


Specific Events:

   Jerusalem and the crusades [Paperback] Estelle Blyth (Author)   ***  from ATA

   World History Biographies: Saladin: The Warrior Who Defended His People (National Geographic World History Biographies) [Hardcover] Flora Geyer (Author)

   You Wouldn't Want to Be a Crusader!: A War You'd Rather Not Fight [Library Binding] Fiona MacDonald (Author), Mark Bergin (Illustrator)

   Richard the Lionheart: Crusader King of England (Rulers of the Middle Ages) [Library Binding] Thomas Streissguth (Author)

   Crusader Castles: Christian Fortresses in the Middle East (The Library of the Middle Ages) [Library Binding] Brian Hoggard (Author)

   Saladin and the Kingdom of Jerusalem: The Muslims Recapture the Holy Land in Ad 1187 (Library of the Middle Ages) [Hardcover] Lee Hancock (Author)

   In the Time of Knights (I Was There Book) (I Was There Book) [Paperback] Shelley Tanaka (Author), Greg Ruhl (Illustrator)

   Crusades: Kids at the Crossroads [Paperback] Laura Scandiffio (Author), Tina Holdcroft (Illustrator)

   Genghis Khan (Illustrated Biography) [Hardcover] Demi (Author, Illustrator)

    Genghis Khan: Invincible Ruler of the Mongol Empire (Rulers of the Middle Ages) [Library Binding] Zachary Kent (Author)

   The Magna Charta [Paperback] James Daugherty (Author)

   The Travels of Benjamin of Tudela: Through Three Continents in the Twelfth Century [Hardcover] Uri Shulevitz (Author)

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