Sunday, July 15, 2012

A Peek At Our Two Weeks July 1 - 14

Because last week was hectic,

and I took a nap after church,

I didn't post anything for last weeks peek.

So you get 2 weeks!

We made Belts of Truth in Jr. Church
Tuesday:  A friend brought us a "care package".
God answered a lot of prayers for our shopping list!

Just 6 more weeks until reffing season resumes!
Scholar enjoying one of Magazine's inserts.
Right now, I'm not sure which one.
Wednesday:   Kendra made a Cranberry Cobbler.
We spruced it up and made a party out of it.
We didn't have ALL of the ingredients on hand,
but it is amazing what we found when we started searching the back
corners of our pantry.
Scholar caught with Helping Hands.
Somebody bought a couple of packages of sparklers a few years ago.
They've been stashed ever since then.
So we used them up!

What a fun 10 minutes we had!

Friday:  Monkey See Monkey Do Day

And "walk into the back door and knock out your loose tooth" day.
Saturday was Song's birthday.
We had a big party.

A friend made her a cloud cake!
One of her favorite gifts.

Plus she tie dyed her skirt - just wait till you see it!
Inside the cloud was 6 colored / fruit flavored sections.

Oh it was DELICIOUS!

Yellow = Lemon
Green = Lime
Blue = Coconut
Purple = Grape
Red = Strawberry
Orange = Orange


Sunday Jr. Church:  Breastplates of Righteousness
(I'll do a tutorial tomorrow)

Monday - I found this clever idea hanging on my oven door.

It's a bib made from a large hand towel.

Somebody hung it up there like that - Song maybe?
Monday Silliness

Tuesday:  Homemade Chili
This is one of our standard meals,
none of us are huge fans of dried beans,
but we all love Chili.
Wednesday:  We were cleaning - and Sunshine
tried to nap in an empty drawer.

I made the outfit she has on - for Story.
Once upon a time,
I did sew.
Thursday:   We finally got our kitchen brought over for Sunshine.
This was a Christmas present for Story and Song way back just before Story turned 4.   It has seen a TON of use over the years.
But by some miracle - the phone is still with it.
Still looking for a big canister of food and cooking supplies though.

My sister came and picked up a huge dresser for her garage sale.
And we were finally able to bring Sunshine's desk over for school.
This was bought brand new (and half price since it was the last one - and the display model)
back when Song was 3 1/2.


Scholar found the box of tinker toys and hauled them out.
The thing with 17 years of collecting toys with Christmas,
and grandparents who saved the toys from when "you were a kid"
is that there are plenty of toys like this around to enjoy.

Hours of imaginative play!

I made that outfit - for Story!
It is still one of my favorites.

And the last 3 Christmas times,
instead of being bleak - without presents,
people we don't even know (as well as relatives)
have bought them one or two items
from their Amazon Wish lists
and Christmas has been amazing.

Like Story got her own laundry basket and colored pencils.
Song got a new lunch box - and a pillow pet.
Scholar got some science experiments.
and Sunshine got dolls and crayons.

I love when God gives back so much more than we ask for.

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