Friday, July 13, 2012

Author: Hamilton Wright Mabie

Some time back, I noticed that this author had quite a few books .... unbeknownst to me, he was extremely prolific!  He lived from 1846 - 1916, and ironically, died on his birthday.  While most of his writing appears to be for adults and in essay form, he also collected and rewrote many children's tales into books.  Unfortunately, many of his works are out of print, hard to find, or expensive to own in book form.

Scholar has enjoyed several of these books, read aloud.  Keep in mind that Mabie had a typical world view of the late 1800's.  Several of the Amazon reviews were less than glowing, mostly due to the fact that they didn't care for his philosophy or choice of stories.   So if you prefer the latest authors and philosophies of socialism and feminism and complete fairness, you will NOT like these books.   But if you enjoy old stories from a time that was simpler and much more innocent.  You will probably enjoy many of these books.  I've only read a few of the books - mostly children's ones, and some of his quotes, so I cannot vouch for all of the books.

Here are some links to learn more about this famous America Author.

Below is the collection available at  - and the links are clickable.
Everything on Gutenberg is FREE - and usually there are multiple formats available for a variety of ebook readers and computers.

Mabie, Hamilton Wright, 1846-1916 

These are works from   They are all FREE AUDIO - MP3 and other formats.  You are able to download in a ZIP format, or listen online, or download a single chapter.

The following are Kindle Books and offered for FREE all of the time.



Only the first 2 of this series is available.  A third volume is offered on Gutenberg.  
However, books are constantly being added to both sources, so more books may become available in the future.


Not all of this series has been published on Kindle, so several volumes are skipped, and some of those are available via Gutenberg above.




Kindle Books that are NOT  free.  Books are arranged by price, starting at 99c and going up.




Other books by Mabie are available in print format, although they tend to be on the pricey side - even for paperbacks.

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