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July 18 - Over 70 Free #Kindle Books for Kids

Books for Kindle or Kindle Apps - 
You don't need a Kindle to enjoy these books  
Free at time of posting (subject to change)
Primarily for Kids
From Birth through Elementary
and other interesting reference or educational books 
for parents and the home.

This list is for the DATE that it is posted,

July 18

if today is NOT the date on this post

or to find still free from other days,

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for the most up to date list.

Thank you!

This is Where Amazon Posts their Free Children's Kindle Books Each Day. - searching for and posting the books is a tad time consuming, books begin posting at 3am my time.  If the books below do not seem to be coming up FREE - try this link.

Though Free at time of posting, Prices are subject to change without warning.  They USUALLY change during the midnight hour of Pacific Time.  
Please verify that the “Kindle Price” is $0.00. If you see a price for “Prime Members” or “read for free”, then the book is NOT free any longer.

Inclusion on this list does not indicate approval - please read reviews and descriptions to get a better feel for the books listed.

To open a book in a new window - use the roller button in the center of the mouse, and push straight down to use as a clicker button.   

Email is set to go out every day at 5pm.  

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*** entries without a picture have been free many times before.

Baby/ Toddler / Bedtime:

     Animal Puzzles ; Fun with Alligator : A-Z Play and Learn Series (color and interactive!)

     Horse Pictures

Safari Stanley's Jungle Animals - Peek-A-Boo (Who's Behind the Bushes?) (Ages 0 - 3) (Baby Books Discovery & Play Series)

Petal the Owl Colours

Busy Machines (Big Beak Books First Learners)

On My Daddy's Shoulders

The Animal Pirates' Great Adventure ( A brightly illustrated bedtime adventure story for toddlers )

Hello! Farm Animals (A Fun, Educational Children's Picture Book) (Edu-Great Books)

Monty goes to College (Children's Picture Book)

Preschool / Early Readers / Short Books:

     Running with snails

     Dog Park: An "I Love Reading" Level 1 Reader

The Adventures of Billy the Cowboy. The New Bestseller. (Fun Rhyming Children's Books)

     Shoe Shopping (An "I Love Reading" Level 1 Reader)

William and Roy and the Big Purple Pirate Ship (kids books ages 4 8 Illustrated Children's Picture Book)

     Funny Cat: An "I Love Reading" Level 1 Reader

     Alphabet All-Stars: Animal Edition (Fun, colorful creatures!)


     Can I Play

Benjamin Bunny's Homespun Christmas

     Max the Clock

     The Lost Alphabet (Professor Letters)

Wendy The Pig Flies!

Wendy the Pig: Holey Cow!

My Daddy's Cool Car Collection (A great story to read with your son!)

What it Means to be Sorry (Frog and Sparrow)

     Jill's Warts

     Maddy's Guide to Life: Amanda and the Kitten

     The Lost Princess in Winter's Grip (Tell Me A Story Bedtime Stories for Kids)

My Little Pet Dragon (A fun picture book for children 3-6!)

ONE DAY ONLY Readers(usually):









Chapter Books / Elementary:

     Spot the Differences: Clowns, Circuses, & Carnivals! (A Seek & Spot Picture Book)

   Martin Luther King Jr. : Hero of the Civil Rights Movement [ A Short Biography for Children ]

George Washington : First President of the United States [ A Short Biography for Children ]

Find It! Hidden Picture Book: Toys

Summer Fun Brain Games: Fun Word Scramble Games for the Whole Family

The Most Dangerous Animals on Earth (Children's ebooks for Kindle Animal Adventures)

Collars and Catwalks (Cats and Dogs Adventures)

     Aveline (An enchanting tale for little girls!)

     SeaWorld Orlando 2012: A Planet Explorers Travel Guide for Kids

     The Adventures of Little Tony, Little Nick and Little Brian: Breaker Boys (Book 1)

     For Animal Lovers

    Summer is Over: Back to School! (Kids Interactive Fiction Series)

    Little Miss Snot Monster - Short Story for Children (Adventures of Captain Zack)

     A Princess Crown: How To Make A Princess Crown From Daisies (Nature Flower Crafts & Projects for Kids + Free Bonus - Make A Clover Necklace, Bracelet & Ring)

Buck Tanner's FAQs: Volume Seven - Your Unicorn

The Turtle That Tried (A Great Way To Teach Kid's About Self-Confidence & Individuality)

Upper Elementary / Long Books / Middle School :

     Prairie River 1: A Journey of Faith  Historical Fiction - Post Civil War

     INSIDE OUT - autobiography with a plush bear

Missing! (The Florida Chase, Part One)

Mayday! (The Florida Chase, Part Two)


Attacked! (Last Plane out of Paris, Part One)

Ambushed! (Last Plane out of Paris, Part Two)

Pursued! (Last Plane out of Paris, Part Three)

Kidnapped! (Last Plane out of Paris, Part Four)


Mark of the Dragon Queen

Parents / Reference:

    Random Shuffled Multiplication Flash Cards -- Over 10,000 Questions & Answers

     Trigonometry Flash Cards: Memorize Values of Trig Functions (sin, cos, tan) from 0 to 360 Degrees

     God's Word, Your Voice - How To Speak Blessing and the Promises of God Over Your Son's Life

     God's Word, Your Voice - How to Speak Blessing and the Promises of God Over Your Daughter's Life

U.S. States and Capitals Flash Cards with Colorful Pictures of Each State (Beary Fun Learning)

     The 10 Minute Paper: Student's Guide to Improve Writing Instantly

Wine of Violence: A Medieval Mystery (Medieval Mysteries)

    Fred Born Gifted: Resource Guide to the Gifted and Differently Wired

     Cute math for kids : Grade 1 (INTERACTIVE Color Quiz E-book)

Language Builder Flash Cards: 95 Essential Nouns with Pictures (The Big Book of Sight Words)

     How to Boost Literacy Learning With Magnetic Letters: Easy, Fun Lesson Ideas for Teaching Phonics and Word Study (Literacy Lounge Series)

     Williams Sisters: A Biography of Venus and Serena Williams

     The Words with Friends Bingo Builder

     3084 Magic Squares 7x7 - Find the solution - Volume I Solutions

     Spring into Gardening Unit Study

     Conquering Foreign Languages: An Uncommon Guide to Reaching Fluency in ANY Language

Fun to Write Fiction: A Step-By-Step Guide To Writing Your First Novel


Authors offer their books for free for several reasons 
1.  To get their Amazon post "Like" button number up
2.  To get reviews
3.  To get people to read their books and remember their name later, and hopefully buy other books that they have (or will) publish.

After you read these books, please take the time to revisit the link on Amazon, and give some feedback.  Thanks!

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