Sunday, July 29, 2012

Peek at the Past - March 2012 - Socks, Scissors, and Silliness

Sunshine has been spending WAY too much time next door
while my best friend's family lived there ...
while they were relocating and setting up their trailer home.

Somewhere she learned to fold socks like this.

It's not how WE fold socks.

But it is how they do!

And she was so meticulously careful about the whole pile.

And then there is my oldest ...

Who puts the socks on her arm instead of folding them.

And talks to the socks.

Sunshine was checking to see if this was her sock.


A toddler's best friend.

Oh how much she LOVES to cut!

Where Song "did school" for 5 months while our school room
was (and still is)

It's suppose to be her sewing nook.

Scholar and his favorite (and much too small) hat.

Blowing up a balloon.
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