Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Craft Idea - Wreath From a Vine

We have a LOT of wisteria growing on a fence.

It's out of control.


So Song has been chopping off pieces and making wreathes.

She enjoys it a lot!

She wanted you to know that.

Because I usually can't catch her to take a picture.

How it is done.

1.  Cut a nice long piece of vine
(make sure it is not poisonous).
Our vines were about 6 - 10 feet.

2.  Make a loop out of the thickest end of the vine.
We were able to spread our hands inside
the middle of the loops and touch the edges with our fingers.

3.  Getting started is the hardest part.
just wrap the continueing part of the vine
(from your circle)
around the part you have cut off.

4.  Carefully slide your hand over the loop,

and then do another loop.

5.  Keep looping,
and sliding.

6.  After the second time around,
you will no longer have to hold the pieces solid.
They will hold themselves.

7.  When it gets to the desired thickness,
cut off the end of the vine giving yourself
an extra inch or two.

8.  Carfully, thread the loos end
up inside the last twisted loop to hold
it into place.

9.  Find a nice sunny spot,
and lay them out to dry.
This usually  takes a few weeks.

10.  Once they dry,
decorate any way you want!

***  This is a repost from my other blog from the
summer of 2010
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