Thursday, July 12, 2012

Matching Months Activity: Preschool : Montessori

I cut up an old calendar to make this activity for Scholar.

I found a calendar that had the months across the top in strips,
and the same picture on the back very small.

At first, I gave him 1 small month and he found the matching large month.
Then, I put out a large month, and he found the small one.

After a few days,
I set the months out in groups of 3,
and let him set the larger / smaller ones on top.

After a few more days,
we put the months in order
and he matched them up.

Then we sang a month song to remember the days.
I think it was one from Barney,
or a similar children's show.

Next, we got it down to matching the words on 3x5 cards with either
a large or small set.

I gave him a large calendar,
and he would turn the pages and set down the proper month
on the floor.

And then I gave him a smaller calendar to use.

We kept changing it up,
until he was able to put the small set in order
without looking.
And tell me what the month was on the card.

We got miles out of this simple activity.

By the end of one month,
he had his months down pat.

We reviewed several times over the next year.

This was inspired by a blog post
Montessori style learning,
about 3 years ago.
Therefore, I have not been able
to find the original post.

And the best thing about this one...

Sunshine will be using it in another year!

A Months Poem
by ME

January is so very cold.
February for hearts so bold.

March brings winds so free.
April brings rain to me.

May flowers bloom
June goes by zoom.

July is American like Apple Pie
August is so hot the grass will die.

September is back to school for all
October brings a colorful fall.

November we are thankful for what God does bless.
December is Jesus, and his gift of forgiveness.

To make the above poem into a "game".
January - hug self like you are cold, brrrr
February - make a giant heart on your chest, start in middle of chest, up to the shoulders, and down to the belly button - tickle
March - open arms above head and sway back and forth like a tree in the wind
April - reach high and wiggle fingers down to the floor - hands are raining
May - stand back up and smile with arms out - child is a flower
June - both arms reach out to one side and then zoom fast to other side of body
July - Pretend to wave a flag and eat pie
August - wilt onto the ground
September - stack books (imagine)
October - use hands to be leaves falling from trees
November - fold hands to pray
December - rock a baby Jesus in arms

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