Friday, June 1, 2012

June 1 - A Peek at our Week

We do a LOT of work around here.

Chores for two houses, ours and my Dad's house next door.

In exchange, my Dad lets us use a couple of rooms for school and play.

Plus we are gardening ... the hard way.
Lugging water to half of the garden,
and mowing down weeds with a yo-yo.

In spite of the work load,
we manage to find time for school and fun.

Last Friday
Sunshine contemplated the sign for apple.
ASL - you make a fist, and twist the pointer knuckle into your cheek
or make a sort of tight X sign, and twist the knuckle of the x pointer into your cheek.

Sunshine chose to be more graphic and used her favorite apple.

I love the way she is trying so hard to watch the apple.

Um ... yes, she has a swollen eye.
The boys were playing knights in shining armor,
and the fair princess got too close.

You should see the whack Scholar got when he took his foamy nerf sword out
to play knights ....
against his cousins sticks!
He told me, "I think that was a really bad idea that I had". 

Scholar and G2 compared and contrasted their new 

Sunshine tried on her new necklace.
Song made it for her while off visiting cousins.

Sunshine fell asleep watching 
Blue's Big Pajama Party with Steve.

Monday ....
Sunshine decided she liked Song's
new necklace much more.

It didn't choke her.

Sunshine LOVES necklaces.

Song harvested beans and cooked them for our supper.
Not to be outdone,
Story harvested green onions and a tomato to go with the hamburger.

Sunshine found her baby hat.
She claims it still fits.

And shared her cheerios with her baby,
out of an Easter egg.

We made a trip to the public library,
where Scholar snatched up a bag full of books,
a grand distraction from his 2 pages of work he's doing daily,
to practice his math, and writing.

Wednesday .....
We sold Sunshine's pack and play.
We made enough money to pay for the Gas
for the Ref to go to a job interview in the big city.

Except it wasn't an interview,
you pay them to promote you to companies.

The Ref feels like they gave him enough pointers and tips 
that it was still worth the trip.

Sunshine and Scholar and Story
spent a great deal of time building with blocks
and train tracks.

The Ref surprised us with some fresh fruit, 
including a watermelon.

Delicious desert almost every single night this week.

Story has been getting 1 - 2 tomatoes every day.

We moved all of the computers next door,
and this is what Scholar put together for his desk.

Thursday ....
Sunshine climbed a tree.

Story's new desk area.
She saved all of her money for 3 years 
to get her computer.

Song's new desk area.
Her computer was a gift from a friend
who replaces computers for a living.
The old owner gave it to him to dispose of any way he saw fit.

Sunshine is very serious about this potty training business.
We found a miniature toilet,
and she has diligently trained all of her small dolls.

Most of our suppers look like this.
Noodles, something veggie, 
and something meat.
Tuna this time.

Scholar investigated this line he found on the wall.
I'll post more about it later.

Later he found this rainbow on the floor.

Sunshine discovered that she can wear
some new hand me downs.

Made by This One's Mine.

Friday ....
And nearly every day,
Scholar and Sunshine 
lavish huge amounts of attention on
their baby rabbit.

It's a Harlequin - and so docile.

Song raises these bunnies, 
and this one has a hurt eye, 
so didn't get returned to the main cages with 
it's siblings.

She's still doctoring the eye 3 or 4 times a day.
He's a very spoiled bunny.

I'm wondering if I didn't manage to get 2 weeks into these pictures,
or maybe 10 days?

Maybe somebody messed with the date setting on my camera?

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  1. What a cool week!! I love Scholar's investigations. The bunnies are cute. I had bunnies when I was little. Thanks for sharing!!

  2. Wow, what a busy and fun week!


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