Saturday, June 9, 2012

June 8 - A Peek at our Week

A second week ... we're only semi-schooling right now.  I had a birthday, we are prepping for company next weekend.  We were suppose to have 4 family members here this week - but a last minute change at work for one of them, cancelled all plans.  Bummer.

So ....  What did we do with our week?


Song and Scholar fixed breakfast.
This was her first time to make waffles.
Actually - I've never made them either.

My dad came and got his refrigerator.
He had to remove the door to get the frig outside.

We tried to put it back on,
but had to get Uncle T to come help.

Then we cleaned where the frig had lived
the last 9 or so years.
Dad is going to put his frig in his new shop.

Later, he will move the black frig up here.

Scholar has continued to investigate the rainbows.
He knows they only come out in the evenings.
But they don't always come out.

He is puzzled.
Sunshine has joined him.

Do you see the rainbow in Sunshine's hair?

Story made spaghetti.
The sauce was made from tomatoes, peppers, and herbs from our garden.

And Song brought in some beans.
She had to add a can of them to go with ...
can you tell the difference?


We made crowns in Jr. Church.
I'm going to blog that later.

Story finished the pocket wrap for her (and Song) Kindle.

Isn't is nice!

We are going to do a give away of one just like this in a few weeks.
As soon as my Facebook Page reaches 50.


The bunny continues to be carried about
and joins in many activities.

Sunshine found her scissors.

Scholar found a magnet on a string.
(It's a broken bracelet).
And spent the day doing magnet experiments.

They got together, and brought their 
box of blocks over here
to add to their train activities.

Scholar began investigating with other forms of light.


I got this for my birthday.

Sunshine spent the day trying to figure
out why Story's new head phones don't talk ...
like Song's and Daddy's do.

I got a cake
and a candle
but no fire.
It was chocolate!


Scholar decided he might should finish his spelling pages from last week.
He set up an "office" in the old refrigerator space.

Then he opened a birthday cake
and Pizza parlor.

Sunshine set up her "office" too.
And tried to make cake and pizza too.


Sunshine stayed busy with clay

and little dolls.


Scholar amused Sunshine by letting
her play dolls in his office.

And the Ref took the two
littles to a Splash Park for 
a little while in the afternoon.

We all were going to go - 
but Song woke up with a stomach bug.

Then it was overcast and cool, 
so none of  us were going to go.

And at the last minute,
they decided to go anyway.

Sunshine was NOT impressed.

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  1. Is the Kindle cover a knit or crochet pattern? If it's knit I'd love to make one if you can share the pattern.

    1. I think it is Crochet ... but she didn't use a pattern. She just decided she wanted a yarn case for her kindle and a few hours later she was showing it to me. She's planning to make a flower button for it to hold it closed.

  2. What an action filled week! I love the hands on waffles and crafting. Love how he made an office where your old fridge was. Very inventive! The Kindle cover is amazing. What a talent! I can't do any needle work so I am always amazed by people who do.

    1. Don't I know it! My jaw always drops watching her create new things.

      Thanks so much for stopping by!


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