Friday, June 22, 2012

NaBloPoMo: Sometimes I Tremble - Jumping From Fear

Since I already post my Daily Free Kindle offers every day, and often post other Homeschooling material as well, I've chosen to answer the suggested questions only on Fridays - and only because I find them interesting.

Monday, June 18, 2012
Which animals make you jumpy and nervous?
Animals in general, make me nervous.  I have an over active imagination.  And too often, it gets the best of me.
When I was a young thing - maybe 4 years  old, we lived out in the country.  One night, in the late fall, I remember being cold, we had come home well after dark.  My mom was holding one baby sister, and my dad was holding the other little sister, both were sound asleep.  For some reason, there was a box upside down on the porch, and as my dad fumbled one handed with the lock, he shoved at the box to get it out of the way of the door.
Suddenly there was a hiss and movement, only a foot or so from my feet.  I remember the look of panic on Mom's face, and shock on Dad's.  With a swift movement, Dad had the snake pinned under his boot, it's head far enough out that it kept trying to turn and bite.  Mom ran and got something sharp, and soon the snake was headless.
When I was a year or so older, my uncle was trying to catch their house cat, who had escaped and was several houses down the street.  Tuffy was a mean cat.  But I remember my  uncle running back down the street, pale, and blood spurting out of his arm, the cat had bit him.
And a year or so after that, my sister reached down to pet a little dog, and it nearly bit off her ring finger.  I could see the bone, and blood was everywhere.
After each of these incidents, I had night mares.  Coupled with dozens of wasp stings, bug bites, more snakes, hornets, and whispered tales that the adults didn't think I heard, I developed a "giant respect" for animals.
Just after the Ref and I were married, we were traipsing along a narrow trail in the mountains.  Suddenly I screamed and shoved him and ran behind him.  He very nearly fell down the mountain!  It wasn't that steep, and quite grassy, so it is likely he would have survived the fall ... but still.  And what did he find when he looked down?  But a tiny baby green grass snake.  He shooed it away with a minuscule bit of a stick.
Oh yes, and then there was the snake, open mouthed, in the magazine.  I compulsively threw the book across a 20 foot room and it thunked loudly about halfway up the wall.  The Ref turned to me with an amused look, "Shall I kill it for you?"

Tuesday, June 19, 2012
Describe a time you felt jumpy and nervous.
Other than animals, people and new places make me nervous and jumpy.
Sometime's it is a blessing not look your age, and sometimes it is not so nice.  In 1991, I found myself suddenly a math teacher of a good sized Christian High School.  But I didn't look 23, not much anyway.  I tried pulling my hair up onto my head in a bun, and I looked like a 12 year old wearing a bun.  But the school was desperate enough to hire me, since school started in less than a week!  Besides, my grades were very good, and my references all spoke quite highly of my ability.
The first day of school rolled around, and I stood nervously at the back of the auditorium with the other teachers.  My knees were knocking, my palms were sweating, and I felt more like throwing up, than standing there.   But imagine my surprise when a group of kids, mostly girls, came up and introduced themselves.   Then they generously invited me to come sit with them.  I shook my head, and croaked out a, hopefully, polite "No thank you."  Puzzled they all sat back down.
Now imagine their shock, when the principal introduced me as the new teacher!  Do you know, they apologized later when most of them ended up in my Algebra 2 class.  

Wednesday, June 20, 2012
What do you do to cope when you're nervous?

Cope .... I don't know if I really cope.
I panic.  And heaven help the poor soul who happens to ask me a question, because they are apt to receive a mindless "brain dump" of information.
However, reciting Bible verses usually helps quite a bit.  And now that I'm 44, I find I'm not nearly as nervous as I use to be ....

at least most of the time.
Some days ... it's worse.  ;)

Thursday, June 21, 2012
Have you ever "jumped out of your skin?"
Many times - but more common is the frozen heart and "I'm going to faint" feeling.

Friday, June 22, 2012
Do you like scary movies that make you jump?

No, No, and No.  Scary shows feed the night mares, and I do plenty fine with that all by myself.  I don't like scary books either.

However, my Mamaw loved scary movies, so I've managed to watch / glimpse many of them growing up. And if there is enough adventure to go with it, then it's not so very bad.  I really enjoyed much of Jurassic Park.   But mostly I avoid the scary movies.
Oh wait, when the Ref and I were young and in love, some friends gave us a tiny black and white TV.  And Friday nights, one channel would feature old B rated Horror movies.  We watched them every week.  For some reason, they really were not very scary.

So the first week,  we jumped into an opportunity to learn to communicate better.
The second week, we jumped for joy and communicated our happy thoughts.
This week, we are jumping in fear, and communicating what makes us tremble.
So maybe next week, they'll have us jumping to conclusions?
See you Friday!

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  1. I feel jumpy when someone decided to make me jumpy :-) I suspect I would for meeting a snake ...


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