Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Happy Birthday to Me - 44 Memorable Events/Pictures

Today is my birthday ... all I want is BLOG traffic!  LOL

Or LIKES on my Eagle Nest Facebook page.

But I hate sounding greedy.

No really, I could use a new pair of shoes.  I glanced down my Amazon Wish List, and was surprised and amused, there wasn't much there for "just me" - a new timer (wait, that's for school), a greenhouse, a label maker, Hey Tom Dryer Kit, essential oils, books for school, gadgets for the kitchen ... oh ... Highlighters!  I love pens and highlighters and such, so much so that the Ref usually buys me new pens (or candles) rather than flowers.

I'm 44 today .. and I had planned on making a blog post of 44 things lists ... but life happens, and I didn't have time.  So  how about 44 favorite pictures/memories?  I uploaded 81 pictures last night.

This is going to be quite a HUGE challenge ...

I got born!

Hanging out with my dad.

My sister's at Easter.

4-H Contest


High School Graduation.
I was the only one.


Missions Trip

Mathematics, BA.
(in that picture - my mom was younger than I am today!)

My Wedding.

Story was born.

Song was born

Every girl baby in our family (since me)
has had her picture taken in this dress.

Song was in and out of the hospital,
before she was diagnosed with 

Story baptized.

Flower girls
at Aunt R4's wedding.

Carrying the train.

Walking her pet.

Scholar is born.

Story on a train ride.

My mom died.

Sunshine is born.

Easter 2011


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