Thursday, May 24, 2012

Advertisement - Fundraiser: This One's Mine

My AUNT and UNCLE have a small boutique business for children's clothing and monogrammed items.

Each summer - they go with their church team to a small orphanage in Latvia.  They usually  raise much of their own cost for the travel and expenses.  This store is one of the ways they raise money for their trips.

You can visit their Facebook Page .... This One's Mine

Or her Etsy Page ..... This One's Mine

Some of my favorites!

But the bulk of her business - the item descriptions - fabric selections - embroidery patterns - and more .... are on her FB page.

They have a TON of pictures up for fabric and styles - but they are on the page, and not in an album.

The nieces and nephews LOVE  their Aunt Cindy creations ....   Here are a few she's made for us over the past year or two.   ....   Mostly she sews for children under 7, but you can see she is great for making matching sets for siblings or families.

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