Monday, June 18, 2012

How to Make a Simple Crown or Headband - Crown Craft - David Crowned King

My church is pretty small,
and I'm the Jr. Church personnel.
Story and Song trade off to help out.

Right now, we are studying David.
And this particular week - David was crowned King.

I've done all of the traditional crowns over and over.
Finally, while half asleep Saturday night, I came up with this.
Just a simple crown

made up of

1 pipe cleaner
a hand full of beads
A piece of plain elastic
** I think elastic with button holes would have worked much better.

A small but sharp pair of scissors.

Our class is made up of 2 - 6 year olds.
Only our youngest had trouble,
and the older ones only needed help with the cutting.

It took us about 7 - 10 minutes.
And a few of them, would have happily made more if we had had time.

Kids proudly wore them home,
and the parents (at first glance)
all commented about the cool headbands.

If I had to do it again,
I would use GOLD pipe cleaners,
and Gold and Jewel beads.

But this was what we came up with the night before class.
And this is what we had on hand.

1.  Give each child a pipe cleaner,
ask them to shape it around their head.

2.  Carefully measure "exactly" the amount of elastic needed to finish going around the child's head.
*** Don't stretch it, or it will be too tight and pop off of the head.
*** Don't leave it loose on a large head of hair.

3.  Carefully snip a tiny cut about 1/2 inch from each end of the elastic.

4.  Push one end of the pipe cleaner, through one of the snips.
*** My under 5's needed help.


5.  Load the pipe cleaner with beads.
*** While taking turns getting the elastic done,
most of them already had some beads on their pipe cleaner.

6.  Attach the other two ends.
Just push the wire through the snip,
and bend back and twist around.

They were delighted with their crowns.



Use SMOOTH smaller beads,
because the bumpy beads hurt foreheads. 

If you don't pull tight enough around hair,
the crown sags.
 Several of the girls preferred the "head band" look.
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  1. saw your comment over on Mckmama's about doughnuts after church and just had to comment: I do the same thing with my son ;) he LIVES for doughnuts after church- bagel weeks take a far second place!

    You have a lovely space here!!!!

  2. Such a darling craft. I will share this with my sister as she is a kindergarten teacher and has 4 kids.. Loves to find something knew... Thank you.


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