Monday, June 25, 2012

A Peek at our Week - June 16 - 22 - Loose Tooth, Blocks, Bugs, Digging Holes, and Creative Stew


Hot Diggity - Dog Diggity
Whatcha doing?

Leftover Stew - added Rice.
Super Yummy.


We hooked up an older computer for Scholar
for his birthday.
He's teaching his pet slinky
how to play games.

Loose tooth

Story decided her cover on her book
was too dull.

So we went out picture taking for fun.

And our cousin turned one of them into this!

We don't have a 100 acre wood ...
but I think I found
Christopher Robin.


Big day for BLOCKS!


Then it downpoured.
This yard was "dry" not 10 minutes before
I decided to take this picture.
Now That's
a really hard rain.


We took the left over stew,
added Refried beans
Taco Seasoning,
and turned it into
Stew Burritos.


Scholar was explaining to Sunshine,

"Get off,
you aren't little anymore!"

"Look at what I recycled Mom!
It's a steering wheel for a baby.

I'm going to put it in the garage sale,
and somebody will buy it for $30.

Then I'll have money for some snacks!"


Scholar had a "real" cake back at his birthday party.
Back in May!
But we made him another -
only a week late.


Went to church and wore herself out,
telling everyone that she
most certainly DID NOT want
her face or hands painted.

Nor did she want to join Noah on the Ark.


A visitor
Wonder where he went?

Another round of Stew Burritos.
Story got creative and made butterflies!

Scholar examining his dog's mouth.


And Story returned to the woods,
to do more sword fighting.

Life is never dull around her.
Food might be dull.
But life is NOT.

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  1. What a fun post..You sure had a fun filled week! I love how you were inventive with the stew. I do the same thing. One night i add biscuits on top of it too. I love how your pictures tell a story.


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