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Frank L. Baum - Free Editions - Audio and Ebook

Frank L. Baum is best known for his Wizard of Oz books ... yet he was a prolific writer under many pseudonyms.  I copied the Bibliography of his books from Wikipedia - the word "Bibliography" is a link to the article.   In between each entry, I have placed the locations where you can find Free copies of his books.  Enjoy!   This makes great summer reading for kids!

***  Please Note - Not all Amazon Links are Free, some are under a $1 or a set under $5, or a study guide.

     This style of book is usually free. - 

Most others cost.  Special study books are also posted - but prices will vary.
I tried to pick out some fun and interesting book fronts for each book - along with the free one if available.

If you use the middle roller button on most mouses, and click it straight down, you should be able to open items in a brand new window or tab.  It took me a while to get the hang of it.


Oz works



***one of many short stories in this collection - just scan down until you find it.










Princess Truella, a character from The Magical Monarch of Mo, illustrated by Frank Ver Beck

[edit]Non-Oz works

  Hard back only - out of print


  • The Army Alphabet (poetry, 1900)
  • The Navy Alphabet (poetry, 1900)
Nothing Available






[edit]Short stories

  • "They Played a New Hamlet" (28 April 1895)
  • "A Cold Day on the Railroad" (26 May 1895)
  • "Who Called 'Perry?'" (19 January 1896)
  • "Yesterday at the Exhibition" (2 February 1896)
  • "My Ruby Wedding Ring" (12 October 1896)
  • "The Man with the Red Shirt" (c.1897, told to Matilda Jewell Gage, who wrote it down in 1905)
  • "How Scroggs Won the Reward" (5 May 1897)
  • "The Extravagance of Dan" (18 May 1897)
  • "The Return of Dick Weemins" (July 1897)
  • "The Suicide of Kiaros" (September 1897)
  • "A Shadow Cast Before" (December 1897)
  • "John" (24 June 1898)
  • "The Mating Day" (September 1898)
  • "Aunt Hulda's Good Time" (26 October 1899)
  • "The Loveridge Burglary" (January 1900)
  • "The Bad Man" (February 1901)
  • "The King Who Changed His Mind" (1901)
  • "The Runaway Shadows or A Trick of Jack Frost" (5 June 1901)
  • "(The Strange Adventures of) An Easter Egg" (29 March 1902)
  • "The Ryl of the Lilies" (12 April 1903)
  • the first chapter of The Whatnexters, an unfinished novel with Isidore Witmark[44] (1903, Unpublished and possibly lost)
  • "Chrome Yellow" (1904, Unpublished; held in The Baum Papers at Syracuse University)
  • "Mr. Rumple's Chill" (1904, Lost)
  • "Bess of the Movies" (1904, Lost)
  • "The Diamondback" (1904, First page missing)
  • "A Kidnapped Santa Claus" (December 1904)
  • "The Woggle-Bug Book: The Unique Adventures of the Woggle-Bug" (12 January 1905)[45]
  • "Nelebel's Fairyland" (June 1905)
  • "Jack Burgitt's Honor" (1 August 1905)
  • "The Tiger's Eye: A Jungle Fairy Tale" (1905)
  • "The Yellow Ryl" (1906)
  • "The Witchcraft of Mary-Marie" (1908)
  • "The Man-Fairy" (December 1910)
  • "Juggerjook" (December 1910)
  • "The Tramp and the Baby" (October 1911)
  • "Bessie's Fairy Tale" (December 1911)
  • "Aunt 'Phroney's Boy" (December 1912)
  • "The Littlest Giant--An Oz Story" (1918)
  • "An Oz Book" (1919)

Policeman Bluejay

[edit]Under pseudonyms

As Edith Van Dyne:

  • Mary Louise in the Country (1916)

  • Mary Louise Solves a Mystery (1917)

  • Mary Louise and the Liberty Girls (1918)

  • Mary Louise Adopts a Soldier (1919; largely ghostwritten based on a fragment by Baum; subsequent books in the series are by Emma Speed Sampson)

Mary Louise and Josie O'Gorman by Emma Speed Sampson

As Floyd Akers:

  • The Boy Fortune Hunters in Panama (1907; originally published as Sam Steele's Adventures in Panama by "Capt. Hugh Fitzgerald"; reprinted in 2008 as The Amazing Bubble Car)
  • The Boy Fortune Hunters in Egypt (1908; reprinted in 2008 as The Treasure of Karnak)
  • The Boy Fortune Hunters in China (1909; reprinted in 2006 as The Scream of the Sacred Ape)
  • The Boy Fortune Hunters in Yucatan (1910)
  • The Boy Fortune Hunters in the South Seas (1911)
As Schuyler Staunton:
As John Estes Cooke:
  • Tamawaca Folks: A Summer Comedy (1907)
As Suzanne Metcalf:
As Laura Bancroft:
  • The Twinkle Tales (1906; collected as Twinkle and Chubbins, though Chubbins is not in all the stories)
  • Policeman Bluejay (1907; also known as Babes in Birdland, it was published under Baum's name shortly before his death)


  • Baum's Complete Stamp Dealer's Directory (1873)
  • The Book of the Hamburgs (poultry guide, 1886)
  • Our Landlady (newspaper stories, 1890–1891)
  • The Art of Decorating Dry Goods Windows and Interiors (trade publication, 1900)
  • L. Frank Baum's Juvenile Speaker (or Baum's Own Book for Children), a collection of revised work (1910), later republished as The Snuggle Tales (1916–17) and Oz-Man Tales (1920)
Baum has been credited as the editor of In Other Lands Than Ours (1907), a collection of letters written by his wife Maud Gage Baum.[46]



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