Saturday, June 30, 2012

NaBloPoMo: End of the Jumping

Friday, June 29, 2012
Talk about this idea: it's not the jump you have to worry about; it's the landing.

yeah .... it's the landing that hurts.... jumping feels like flying

And I LOVE flying.

I'll have to mull this one over, maybe I'll come back to it later...

Someday ... I'm going to learn how to defy gravity - I do it all the time in my sleep!

Thursday, June 28, 2012
How do you jump into starting a new blog post?

Well, I start ..
Then I erase it and try something else....
Then I go check facebook ...
Then I ramble it off from start to finish.
Then I go check Blog Frog and BlogHer ...
Then I read what I wrote, add a ton ...
Then I erase half of it.
Schedule it to post
Sometimes .... it actually makes it to posting time!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012
Do your thoughts jump around or glide?

My thoughts jump ... they have never glided.
People who don't know me very well, find this alarming.
Conversations will get off of the beaten path ...  I might start talking about birds.
I had several growing up ... birds ...
I had a sweet tiny finch and I named him Prince Charming.
Once day I came home from Bible Quizzing, and found out the cat had eaten him, all we found was a tiny little foot.
I like cats too ... but NOT that day.  Mostly I was mad that somebody had opened my bedroom door.
We went and bought me a new finch ... but came home with ...
a parakeet named Sunshine.  She was a delight.  Yellow - my favorite color.
But I don't like bright glaring yellow, but a more golden yellow, but not as orange as a box of crayons.
I really like crayons ... when I was teaching, the kids who had crayons only bought one box the entire school year.  But the kids with other brands were replacing theirs every few months.
Yeah, I have trouble with jumping.
Sunshine loved to pop bubbles.
Both of my Sunshines have been bubble poppers.
Bubbles drive me nuts ... kids are always spilling them.
But I like to watch them float.
Oh yeah, we're suppose to be jumping ... 
Trampoline anyone?

Tuesday, June 26, 2012
How do you feel about sky diving?

It was on my "bucket list" once upon a time.
But I've long since shoved that list in a back drawer and nearly forgotten it.
The world has changed in the last 25 years ... I've changed.
Now my thoughts center around spending time with my family, my children, and my friends.
Maybe if we had money to spare and enough to travel and do things ... maybe ...
Maybe if I were healthier and skinnier .... maybe ...
and Maybe not.
Right now, my bucket list merely focuses on surviving - making do, and figuring out how to do without.
So I guess my bucket list these days  would look something like.
1.  Spend time with family, children, friends, and church.
2.  Look forward to heaven.
3.  Read in spare time.  And thanks to my Kindle that was gifted to me - I am reading again!
4.  Have a successful Blog.

Monday, June 25, 2012
Would you ever go bungee jumping?

Maybe I would have as a teen - but I have no desire to do so at 44.

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