Thursday, June 7, 2012

Unofficial NaBloPoMo - Looking and Leaping

Thursday, June 7, 2012
Do you need to look before you leap?

Looking before I leap is extremely important to me.

I'm a personality type that has to sort through everything with a fine tooth comb before I can take a single step forward.

Start a garden?  I'll read 40 books and hit hundreds of websites deciding how to do it and where to put it and what I need to plant.  I'll also research prices and availability.  I will not leave a single stone unturned in quest to have a perfect garden.   ....   Then I'll realize that it is the middle of the summer and I missed the best time to plant.

The Ref is exactly the opposite.  I'll tell him I'm going to plant a garden, and he'll bring me home a dozen plants that he thought sounded nice the next day.

The hardest part of "looking before I leap" is talking to others - finding out who can help me if I get in trouble, maybe somebody has seedlings that they overbought or started too many, maybe somebody would like to trade cucumbers for tomatoes?   Oh sure, I can READ all day long and gather information ... just as long as I don't have to TALK!

Of course, the biggest obstacle to looking so thoroughly is never actually taking that leap at all.   A friend says, "Indecision is really a No".

There have been a few times that I've lept and hardly looked before doing so - rushed things.  I have mixed feelings about the results.

As a Junior in College, I decided to spend a summer in Ecuador doing Missions work for HCJB.  I arrived in Quito with little more than names and a place to stay, which had changed at the last minute.  Talk about stepping out on faith.

When God says go ... you just have to trust him.

That's what my blog is about ... leaping - learning - following God's leading.  I feel He wants me doing it ... I've fought it and considered it for months ... dillied and dallied ... made up excuses .... but now I'm leaping.

Ok God .... you know I tend to close my eyes when I jump ... CATCH!

Official NaBloPoMo

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