Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Preschool Number Clouds

Repeat from my other blog ... this took place in the fall after Scholar had turned 3.   I will be pulling out this craft and "dusting it off" for Sunshine very soon.

Several years ago, some of the cousins and friends all did Horizon Preschool together  - and I got to be their teacher!

The curriculum follows the days of creation - and early on we were talking about all the great things about AIR and WATER. This day's topic was clouds (we only met twice a week, and often combined two days of work that were very similar - it works well as a 2 days a week for 3 year olds, and then 3 days a week for 4 year olds ..... though it is designed for 5 days a week for a 4 year old). I decided to combine their math lesson, writing lesson, and art cloud project. So we made number clouds with glue and cotton balls. They loved it.

First we called the big sister brigade. We just happened to have 3 big sisters and 3 students - later we added more students and the girls helped 2 kids each. I then wrote the numbers really big on the blue paper - gave each of the big girls some cotton balls to tear into little bits of fluff - and traced each number with Elmer's school glue.

They had such a blast forming each of the numbers with their cotton. Engineer said, "This glue is a little bit sticky, Aunt Lamb." And we all cracked up.
What fun!

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