Sunday, October 7, 2012

Fruit of the Spirit - Gentleness and Self Control

Pink - usually a "girl color" and girls are traditionally "gentle".
Mom is usually the gentler of the parents.
Lamb - a gentle animal
Peach - if you do not treat a soft peach with gentleness,
it will bruise easily
For some reason,
I completely failed to take a picture of
I did happen to still have Scholar's mobile hanging
in the school room,
and I did take a picture

Would you believe that Self Control is missing!
Purple - a royal color, part of being royalty is learning extreme self control
it just wouldn't do to be scratching your nose
in the middle of a big parade.
Or picking at your itchy dress,
while waving at people at your party.
Grapes - there are so many on the bunch,
it is hard to have self control and only eat a few.
Hands/People -  Be careful little hands what you do
Be careful little feet where you go
Be careful little eyes what you watch
Be careful little ears what you hear
Be careful little tongue what you say

Or Crowns - for the Royalty Theme
as it turns out,
while my notes said hands,
I had crowns printed out.

I was surprised to find the unfinished pieces a few days ago,
so I'm having Scholar do up a sample,
and I'll stick the picture in here as soon as he has finished.


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