Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Keeping Track of School Goals

Two weeks ago,
I realized that I wasn't prepared to do workboxes.
Maybe later,
but not right now.
But I was getting really confused about what
Scholar had and had not finished.
So I whipped up a schedule for him.

It worked so well,
that I did a "table" in Word,
and printed it out.

Song liked the look of it,
and asked for her own sets of boxes.

Instead of workboxes,
I put his school tags from his last years chart
on binder clips,
and we hung them in front of his desk.

As he finishes a subject for the day,
he gets to turn it around.

he does whatever it says in the little block,
and turns around a clip.

At the end of the day,
he counts them up,
receives points for the ones turned around,
and then gets a penny for each point.

He uses his pennies to buy time on the computer 
and movies.

At least in theory.
We've been just barely keeping any type of schedule,
while getting the house ready for my Aunt's arrival.
Lots of comings and goings of relatives and friends as well,
helping out and lending hands.

I hope to get into a firm rhythm next month.

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