Saturday, October 6, 2012

Photo Fun Saturday: Story's Education

September is over ...
and so is the Photo Fun days.

They will do a few more,
like a black/white sometime in October.

I had so much fun looking through old photos,
that I thought I would keep doing it for a while.

I was going to do
School Desks.

But it kind of turned into
20 pictures
Story's Education

Portable Fun Worksheets at the Kitchen Table.

Alpha Omega Kindergarten

Sitting ON the table to work.
Instead of a chair.

Reading in Bed

Switched On Schoolhouse
3rd Grade

sitting on the floor

Running with Grandpa

Decorating Cakes with Grammy

A new desk
painted special for her!


Cuddling with newborn baby brother
I couldn't believe the amount of work she could churn out
while holding her napping baby brother.

Too bad he grew up.

Grating beeswax
to make salves.

Learning to care for baby brother

Exploring friction and physics
while entertaining baby brother.

The blocks were ABC Peek A Boo Blocks.

We still have these and they still play with them.

Putting together puzzles

Field Trip to the Zoo
We have not been to the zoo since this day ....
they were doing behind the scenes special invites.
Our family pass ran out a few weeks later,
and they changed the family pass rules the next year as well as
increasing the price.
Growing up,
this was a free zoo.
We really miss it.
But such is life.

Learning to knit

Other trips to the zoo.
Helping with the younger cousins and sibs.
Story has always been the oldest.
She does have 2 cousins older, but they live far away.


Writing a Play
and helping produce it for Church.

She actually wrote
Big Wig plays.

Here she plays
Great Aunt Matilda
in "The Two Daughters".

She also wrote,
The Prodigal Daughter (our church was mostly girls at the time)
Real Riches (a Christmas Play)
Adopted (for Easter).

She plans to tweak the plays
and release them on Kindle next summer.

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