Friday, October 5, 2012

Peek At Our Week - Sept 24 - 30

Sunshine insisted we get down that "neat thing" off of a high shelf.
It's been there for at least 4 years.
So she had to wash and dry it before she could play with it.

A common sight.
He LOVES his MP3 player.

It's not an ipod ... but he loves the camera and video feature,
and is constantly making radio shows with it.

Song made a dress for Sunshine -
out of a cut off onsie.

Scholar's Library Book stack.

Scholar lost a tooth .. again.
The tooth fairy has a terrible record around here.
So Scholar brought his pillow into the school room,
put the tooth box under it,
and delivered the two quarters to me...
with instructions to
"put that in the box after I go to bed."

And would you believe I forgot,
and he had to get me out of bed the next morning to remind me.

Horrible Tooth fairy.

Scholar's desk

Story's Desk

Song's Desk

My desk.
See the big oversized monitor?
My nice oversized flat screen seems to be dead,
it flickered a few times and went out.
Sometimes I can get a few minutes out of it,
but I think I've lost it.

And I really loved it.
I've got bad eyes, so a little one just won't work.
Thank goodness we had the big one still out in storage!

See the black box?
It connects to my computer to record cassettes and records.
My MIL gave it to me for Christmas last year,
and I'm absolutely GIDDY to be able to start using it!

All of my drawers and carefully labeled.
Who knew we had so much!

Sunshine's Desk

Scholar at his desk.

Some of the few cassettes to go through.
Just for our family.
Some are already too far gone to work,
and others are too popular to record,
but it is so much fun to share the ones from my childhood and teen years
with my teen girls.

Wonder if I could make money doing this?

Not really - but doesn't she LOOK like a Gretchen?
Do you see her striped baby legs?
She was just so CUTE.

Playing "doll house" with the legos.

Sunshine and her penny jar.
Love the hat.

We've been using pennies for points ...
instead of gold coins or tickets this year.
I'll have to do a post about it once we've got it all figured out.

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