Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Peek at Our Week - Oct 1 - 14

For the last two weeks,
we've been sleeping past our alarm clocks in the mornings,
rushing to get a little bit of school done
between breakfast and lunch,
relaxed for lunch (sort of)
and cleaned and organized after lunch until supper,
had supper,
cleaned up and did chores,
worked well into the evening trying to finish up what we started,
and finally collapse into bed 2 or 3 hours after our bedtimes.

Every day except Sunday.

But I did remember to take a FEW pictures.

Sunshine working on puzzle stacking blocks during school

Sunshine playing a computer game during school

A WINKING Sunshine - playing with Jenga blocks during school

Playing with a train during school.
Scholar built the track for her.

Sunshine painting during school.
Rather than giving her a cup of water to spill,
we just put a tiny bit of water in the lid.

I was surprised how well it worked!

Playing in the kitchen.
Actually, she usually "cooks" in her kitchen,
and brings us lots of snacks while we school.

Song at her computer.
But is she doing school?

The ceiling we helped my Dad repair.

Cleaning the floor in Dad's old office / Scholar's new room.
We also painted the walls yellow,
and refinished the floor.

We organized the shelves in "Sunshine's Room"
Which is really just part of the living room.

We pulled all of the weeds and "trees" in front of the trailer,

Helped install a couple of mailboxes.

Cleaned the weeds and trees behind the trailers.
There use to be sweet gum trees in this area - lots of them,
and they keep growing back from under the trailers.

Still need to trim and clear lots of the area.
These weeds range from waist to chest high on me.
They are all pretty much over Scholar's and Sunshine's heads.

"Recording" a radio show.
Can you see the plug in her hand pretending to be the microphone?
She sang for over an hour!

Fresh paint in Joel's room.

Scholar teaching Sunshine how to play the Furby game that they found.
It was Story's when she was 5 or 6.

His protectiveness of his sister melts my heart.

A rare treat!
A bluegrass concert!
The Bluegrass Brethren

We went to a bag sale at Salvation Army,
and came home with 5 bags of winter clothes
for us and friends.

And Sunshine turned 3!
So far this is the only gift she's gotten,
plus a card in the mail.

My goodness but she looks like me in this picture!

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