Thursday, October 4, 2012

Hatch the Baby Dinosaur

Aunt C gifted Scholar with
a dinosaur egg.

Scholar LOVED watching it grow ...

actually - all 12 of the older kids on the property
got to enjoy watching it hatch,

as Scholar was often bringing somebody inside to watch it.

To make it even MORE exciting ...

The surprise color was


Scholar's favorite!

After the nose popped out,
the kids all started to guess
what kind of dino it would be.

Most were betting on a T-Rex.


Once the plates began to show,
most of them realized it was a stegosaurus.

It took nearly a whole week
before it cracked out of the shell
and we got a good look at it.

And everyone got a kick out it
floating on its back.

When it got too big for the jar,
Scholar added it to the bucket
where he was growing a tiger.

Scholar is getting his own room ... soon.
He's been waiting for it since Christmas.
But grown-ups are slow about their end.

I'll be setting up a fish tank for him,
so he can drop his variety of growing toys inside
and watch them grow.
He is VERY excited about being able to grow animals all the time!


I am not sure exactly which dino egg he had - the dino was considerably larger by the time it stopped growing, but I've added a few to get you started on your search for your own dino egg.

The egg fit nicely inside of his 6 1/2 year old hand...
but the dino was a lot larger and difficult to hold onto
when it reached it's maximum size.
These guys are SLIMY when fully grown.
Some of them have a very powerful smell as well.



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