Tuesday, October 9, 2012

A New Room

The 3rd bedroom in our house is tiny.
This room is approx 8 ' x 10'
and that includes the closet.
Years ago, this was our school room.
Then I turned it into Story's bedroom.
Then Scholar was born,
and it became his mostly unused bedroom.
Then the Ref moved in and used it for his office,
and it has been his office for over 5 years.
we've relocated the Ref,
and now Scholar has his own room.
I won't show you before pictures,
but the kids scrubbed the floor for nearly an hour getting it clean.
Hard to deep clean a floor covered in furniture,
boxes, and papers.
We were dismayed to find that this window has been leaking...
and the wall is like paper layers.
One more window on the "calking" list.
The room has 2 doors,
and a little closet.
I have no idea what we did with the doors,
as we removed them 9 years ago
when we moved in,
and Story's desk fit perfectly inside the closet.
There is also a door to the shared bathroom.
a friend came over,
and the 3 girls giggled and painted.
I was going to have them touch it up again,
fix the black stripes
and the patchiness.
But the longer I looked at it,
the more I liked it.
Kind of a rustic feel that suited the tiny room,
and Joel's personality.
we spent the ENTIRE afternoon,
getting him moved into his new room.
He wants to show it off!
After all,
he is 7 and this is his FIRST time to have a room all to himself,
WITH a door to close!
he had a corner of the livingroom.
Now Sunshine has that spot.

Three guesses as to what his favorite color is?
We are planning to paint a race track from his closet to the shelf...
or animals.
Because he wants a jungle,
or rainbows,
and a BIG tree.
or a BIG sunshine.
He can't decide.
We used the table clothes from the 50th Anniversary party
for his grandparents,
to cover his dresser,
and to make a curtain.
He really likes it.
He's so excited to have his fish in with him too.
All of his shoes are in the shoe rack.
And he talked us into the tall bookshelf.
Barely fit.
We'll finish filling the shelves tomorrow.
He is so excited to have a library in his room!
He pretended to sleep for the picture.
HIS idea.
He is loving having a space to put things,
and leave it.
Like science experiments.
He already added a grow a crab project.
While we were at it,
we went through his winter clothes and got them all hung up as well.
Plus all of his jackets.
No coat.
He never really needed one last year.
I can always layer him and put one of my jackets over his,
there just are not usually that many super cold days in our neck of the woods.
He'll need new clothes next summer.
His "grow Into" box is only half full.
Unlike baby sister,
who has 4 boxes of grow into clothes in my room.
You would think she had big sisters and lots of girl cousins.


Do you like it?
Scholar wants to know!
And he says he wants ideas on what to do next.
Sunshine and trees?
Race Track?
Noah's Ark?
Something else?

We have to use what we already own to decorate.
But I have paints,
and I've been "dying" to use my picture projector!

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