Thursday, February 28, 2013

February Goals Results

February Goals

February didn't disappoint in the area of rotten weather and frequent curve balls.

We spent a great deal of the month shivering in rain storms (as we dashed from buildings) and nearly everyone has been sick - flu like symptoms.   Add to that a funeral, several "all day" outings, Song returning to violin lessons, a surprise picnic family party for Story's 18th birthday, family work day's (which were needed) and a pile of other unexpected and time consuming events (why can't something that will "only take 15 minutes" actually take under an hour?)

The Valentine Dinner hosted by the youth group was very nice and enjoyed by all who attended.

I spent a great deal of time organizing things on my computer and Kindle ... it had to be done ... and I'm nowhere close to finished.  But the essential files are all backed up (family pictures, school files, etc.) and I've deleted several hundred Kindle books that were either "not what I thought they were" or "what was I thinking when I bought that?" or "since buying has received a lot of bad reviews".    I've still got a LONG way to go ... but it is so much better already!

The big bomb that dropped ... Amazon is changing their policy of Free Kindle Books and their Associates Program.   There are between 10 and 20 (that I know of) active blogs that cater to letting people know which books are free each day and wade through the 3000+ books each day and weeding it down to the best ones.   Basically, anyone doing that will have all of their earned credit taken away for that month.  They have set arbitrary numbers that supposedly they will give us access to seeing, but which we currently cannot see, but the truth is ... this puts my Kiddos With Kindle's blog out of business ... and I'll have to shut it down entirely (delete it) shortly.   Currently, I'm attempting to pull over any files that I need to .. back over to this blog ... a couple of the much larger blogs are keeping their readers informed as to what is happening (thank goodness!) and it looks like making a second account, posting on other forums, and newsletters may also be affected ... but nobody is actually sure.

On the other hand, I guess it will free up an hour or so of my day, as I don't have to stop and wait for my computer to cut and paste to the blog ... I'll just pull items up and then close tabs.   The down side is that my daughters will now have to go through the lists ... and there is a LOT of trash there ... stuff I really do not want them exposed to.   So I'm at a loss as to what to do yet.

Not many of the goals I set for February were actually met ... though it was such a whirlwind of a month that I'm still wondering where it went.  

An act of kindness (with the big funeral this month) led to a HUGE blessing for our school which will bless us for a couple of years.

The family work day helped remove the dozen very tall trees at the end of my trailer - many which were half dead.   I wish we could have left the living ones standing to give shade and wind break ... but at least the dead ones will not fall on our roof.   But now the wind and sun are going to be potential problems ... so looking at solutions that will  not cost money that we don't have.

Bills were surprisingly high this month, and the reffing slowed sooner than expected.

So this month has been a mixed bag of highs and lows.

The ref has some awesome radio shows this month as well - he does Sunday Nights on Rapture Ready Radio.   He also was excited about a sermon he preached this past Sunday at church.   Studying for sermons and radio shows is one huge thing he does in his "endless hours" of free time.

So ... that is the look back at February ...

How did this blog do?   I didn't get nearly done what I had planned.

But here are the HIT Highs  -  171 hits  ...  145 hits  ....  129 hits  ...  113 hits   ...  87 hits  ...  76 hits   ...  74hits   ...   70 hits  ...  55 hits  ...  52 hits

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