Sunday, February 10, 2013

Jr. Church Craft: A is for Angel

In Jr. church (aimed at our 2 - 5 year old group),
we are going through the alphabet to teach some important
beliefs from the Bible.

I thought this would be a great way to tie together some aspects of the Bible,
as well as introduce and discuss topics that often are overlooked.

Our First Week,
we featured A is for Angels.

First we talked about what angels were ....

created beings that served God  - not dead humans.

We talked about what they looked like....

strong male like creatures, that may or may not have wings,
and often spoken of having fiery swords.
Every time anyone sees one in the Bible,
the angel has to tell them, "Do not be afraid."

We talked about

Satan as the angel Lucifer.
The angel in the Garden of Eden protecting the Tree of Life.
Angels talking to men in the Old Testament - like Abraham.
Angels rescuing Lot from Sodom.
Angels protecting Elisha ... and they couldn't be seen by the servant.
The Angel who visited Mary and Joseph,
and the Angels who visited the shepherds.

The kids decided that angels were pretty important to be talked about SO MUCH!

During Craft Time,

they had pictures of angels to color,


We cut out white letter A's (and triangles and wrote A)

We placed a head on the top of the A

And glued feathers to the back.


Sunshine shows her Angel.
She loves drawing faces.

This is a picture of heaven.


Our friend Pinky comes to church with us.
She is really into the coloring part.


J showing me a letter A with his pencils.

I'm no great artist,
but the kids love this ...
because they can turn their papers over and copy what I draw.

Some of them are as good and will soon be better than I am!


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